Razar (The Mating Games series Book 1)

Razar (The Mating Games series Book 1) by Catty Diva

Book: Razar (The Mating Games series Book 1) by Catty Diva Read Free Book Online
Authors: Catty Diva
    It was now the twenty fifth century and Earth had not progressed as expected. Early in the twentieth century people had finally taken a stand on pollution and over population. Laws had been enacted to require strict recycling and furnaces that burned clean were created making energy and controlling pollution. The laws regarding birth control helped reduce the population slightly, but there were still too many people on the planet for it to meet long term needs.
    A new form of birth control was created that would help control the population growth. It was a hundred percent effective and could be manipulated once a female decided to have a baby to determine the desired sex or to remove undesirable traits. It was considered a god send until it went into general use and it was discovered that it manipulated female birth at twice the rate of males no matter what the scientists tried. They never found out if the test results were manipulated or if the test group was an anomaly. The only thing that was for sure was the early test results weren’t right.
    It was decided soon after that Earth would start two colonies on distant planets. The only women that would be allowed to move to the new colonies were women that had never used the new birth control method. Each colony chose ten thousand people and over time the colonies prospered and trade developed. Old Earth blossomed too as trade spread out all over the universe and old mistakes were rectified. The planet regained a portion of its former glory and the population stabilized at five billion.
    This was the world Lista was born into. Life was fabulous for the top ten percent but she was born into the bottom part of humanity and it was even worse being a woman since they outnumbered the men.
    Razar’s world was the opposite. It was starting out new with anything possible but they had too many males with nine males to each female. Earth held hope for his people, a chance to have a mate which was what he and his brothers wanted more than anything in life. They had money and everything that they wanted that it could buy, but they had a dark secret and a deep rooted need to mate. Now they had hope that females had been found for them.

Chapter 1
    The Hunted
    Sweat rolled down her face as she viewed the hostile environment. How had she gotten into the mating game? Oh yeah. Her mother had needed an operation and her younger siblings had needed food. “It’s an easy way to make money, Lista. They won’t pick you anyway, Lista. Don’t you want to help, Lista?” her sister had asked. Her voice echoed in Lista’s head grating on her last nerve.
    It was easy for her sister to say. She never helped anyone but herself. Shouts could be heard in the distance and maybe even the sounds of hounds. On the other hand, maybe it was just the overly excited natives restless as the opportunity to catch a bride was waved before them. Why did this always happen to her? Every time she thought her life was on track things blew up in her face.
    Lista took off at a sprint over the seemingly endless desert terrain. At least she was dressed properly. They wouldn’t want their future mates to fry in the sun or blister from the heat. She was given a map that showed all the locations where water was available. It also showed her destination but that was three days of hard travel away. She doubted she’d ever make it there because things never seemed to work out for her.
    In the mating game, the locals were allowed to hunt in singles, pairs, and an occasional trio of males hunting, quite literally, for a female mate. Meanwhile, she was out, by herself, trying to avoid them. In three days if she evaded them or made it to her destination, she was free and the money that had been paid to her would never have to be paid back. Welcome to the mating games. This particular game consisted of a hunt across the desert. Four times a year the Mazlans would compete for their prize, a mate of

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