Raw and Dirty (Bad Boys MC Trilogy #1)

Raw and Dirty (Bad Boys MC Trilogy #1) by Violet Blaze

Book: Raw and Dirty (Bad Boys MC Trilogy #1) by Violet Blaze Read Free Book Online
Authors: Violet Blaze
then, you're out. You will not step foot anywhere near the club's property ever again.”
    I stand up straight and watch as her face crumbles.
    This is one of those moments where I decide to turn off my emotions. Don't need to feel anything at all for this girl right now. Mia and me, we've only slept together a handful of times, but I always thought she was the prettiest of all the leather lovers. Somebody soon's going to snatch her up as their old lady.
    But that person's not going to be me.
    “Sorry, love, but this is the way it has to be. Live with it or leave—permanently. Your choice.”
    Mia nods once, rubbing her hands up and down her upper arms like she's cold.
    “I'll go,” she says, looking up at me one more time. “But if you need me, you know where to find me?” Mia reaches out and squeezes my arm, but when I don't react, she turns and walks away with her head down.
    It's odd for me to turn down a blatant invitation—especially from a girl as gorgeous as Mia—even one who blatantly refuses to listen to club law. In the past, even that wouldn't have stopped me from taking her home myself and grabbing a quickie along the way.
    Lyric Rentz, what in the bloody fuck have you done to me?

When I head outside to leave for work in the morning, I find the pile of gear that Royal left here for me. There's a leather jacket, a pair of leather pants with some sort of padding or something in them, gloves, even a pair of black boots. I have no idea how he knew what sizes to get, but it all looks like it would fit.
    “Asshole,” I mumble, dragging the stuff inside and dumping it on my couch. I'll return it all tomorrow during our meeting. If there was any way I thought I could get out of it then I would. But I've worked too hard for this, risked too much to blow it all now.
    He knows.
    That thought's been running through my head all night long, giving me nightmares that forced me up in bed with sweat running down the sides of my face. When Royal asked me point blank about Brent, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
    Damn it, Brent. What the hell are you doing?
    Things weren't supposed to be like this. He was supposed to come to town for a few days and poke around, make the Wolves think they were under investigation, just to give them enough motivation to sign on with the city.
    And now?
    I want to scream.
    But I don't. My family trained me too well. We don't let our emotions get the better of us—if we even have any at all. We keep our chins up, shoulders back and we keep pushing through with smiles plastered across our faces.
    For whatever reason, my fingers itch to reach out and tear my hair out of its bun, let it tumble around my shoulders and engulf me. I want to rip off my ugly yellow sundress and light it on fire, dress up in Royal's club jacket and hop on his bike.
    What. The. Hell.
    Something's seriously wrong with me right now. The man threatened me last night. At least, I think he did. When I replay the conversation in my mind, all I can hear is him telling me that he's not the kind of man who takes no for an answer.
    I shiver and shrug my white cardigan up my shoulders.
    It's Thursday morning, so I'm all dressed up for family brunch. It's been a tradition since I was twelve, meeting together like this no matter what our schedules are. None of us have ever skipped out on one although at times it feels like certain people in my family are less than present, phones in their hands or laptops on the table.
    I used to wonder why we didn't do this on the weekend until I learned that my dad keeps Saturdays open for golf and Sundays open for church.
    As I open the driver's side door of my car, I see my neighbor Mrs. Elden glaring at me from across her yard. She's been in the same book club as my mother since I was in high school and she's never once looked at me the way she's looking at me right now.
    When I smile and wave at her, she purses her lips and turns away.
    She must've seen Royal and me in

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