Quantum Times

Quantum Times by Bill Diffenderffer

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Authors: Bill Diffenderffer
the people in the room and left the meeting.
         At that point the Army General who had been leading the meeting came over to the table in front of Mark Randall where his cell phone was resting and motioned to Mark that he wanted to speak to David as well.
         “David, this is General Carl Greene. I’m the one in charge on this –at least for the moment. You mentioned that you knew more about this Benjamin Planck thing than was in the paper. Could you tell us what you know please? We are all very eager to hear but take your time and please be complete.”
         On the other end, still standing on the beach in front of the resort buildings, with the view of the fishing boat still barely in sight, with a somewhat stunned sense of weird reality settling in on him, David locked his mind in on just telling what he knew. All of it. Once he had met Planck on the island he had known that events could get very big very fast, but it had all seemed so theoretical, just discussions on advanced Physics, Planck playing the role of the brilliant young Einstein and Dr. Wheeling playing the role of the dubious but equally brilliant older scientist. David and Gabriela were the privileged audience. The role playing was over.
         “Sir, I’m not really sure where to begin…Perhaps I should start with how I found Planck – and by the way, he did not want to be found, and that was before The Object said it wanted to meet him! After that started, he really did not want to be found! He is somewhat reclusive ... which is why it has taken this long.” David went on with how he had remembered Ben Planck from his days at Columbia and thought that he might be the right Benjamin Planck. Then David told them he had spent many hours hunting Planck through the internet and how he had come up with the story about the two hurricanes that against all weather tracking odds seemed to go around Pirate’s Cay where David had set up a religious retreat.
         Then David described how he had enlisted Dr. Janus Wheeling to go with him to meet with Planck and that once there they learned that Planck had moved theoretical physics to a new frontier.
         General Greene interrupted, “Wait a minute…let me digest what you just said. You said that this Benjamin Planck had the power to move not one but two hurricanes so that they wouldn’t hit his island. And then you said that you and Dr. Janus Wheeling –the Nobel Prize winning Dr. Wheeling no less, went down to this tiny Bahamian island where Planck had a sort of meditation slash theoretical physics group. And that then you and Dr. Wheeling and Planck discussed theoretical physics. Do I have that more or less right?”
         “Yes sir…I know it sounds pretty bizarre.”
         General Greene cut in again, “Son, everything about The Object is pretty bizarre. It’s because your story is bizarre that I tend to believe you. I also have read your science writings in the past. I loved your series about finding the Higgs Boson. So I have a simple question for you. Do you believe ….and does Dr. Wheeling believe that Planck moved those hurricanes away from his island?”
         “Yes sir, I do. And so does Dr. Wheeling.”
         Greene continued, “I have a feeling I’m not going to like the answer to my next question. How did he move those hurricanes?”
         David’s response came quickly, “With his mind, Sir.”
         “With his mind?”
         “Yes sir. Actually with his mind and with the minds of other people here on the island. About thirty other people.”
         Then David heard the General say, “This is going to be a nightmare.”
         There was total quiet in the meeting room. Then General Greene finished shaking his head and asserted control. “David, is Dr. Wheeling there with you on the island?”
         “Yes sir.”
         “Well I think it is too dangerous for you to stay there. I don’t want anything more

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