Putting Out Old Flames

Putting Out Old Flames by Allyson Charles

Book: Putting Out Old Flames by Allyson Charles Read Free Book Online
Authors: Allyson Charles
tried to look suitably interested. But who was she kidding?
    â€œI said, do you mind giving up your seat for Bob? He’s been wanting to play Dominion all night and you, well . . .”
    â€œSuck at it,” she finished for him. Smiling up at Bob, a city councilman, she said, “Sure, no problem,” and got to her feet.
    A hand snaked around her elbow. “Jane can join us at this table,” Chance said, and tugged her into the seat next to his.
    She almost fell off the other side of the chair, and flung her hand out for balance. It landed on his hard thigh. “Sorry,” she muttered and righted herself. “What are you guys playing?” she asked the three other people gathered around the table.
    â€œTruth or Consequences,” an older woman replied. “The person on your left asks you a question and you have to come up with three answers. Two you make up, one answer has to be true.” She peered at Jane over red frame glasses. “It’s the honor system, so make sure one is the truth. The rest of the players try to guess which one is the right answer, and those of us who guess correctly advance on the board.” She pushed a carton of questions in front of Jane. “It’s a great way to learn about the new guy in town.” She nodded her head at Chance and waggled her Brillo Pad eyebrows.
    He smiled. “My life’s an open book to you, Maggie, my love.”
    The older woman’s cheeks turned pink. “Oh, go on with you.”
    Chance pressed two dice into Jane’s hand. “Your roll, Janey-girl.”
    â€œWhat am I rolling for?”
    â€œThe number you roll determines what question I ask you,” Chance said.
    â€œOh.” She blew on the cubes, and squealed when she rolled a seven.
    Chance shook his head and reached for a card. “Calm down. This isn’t craps.” Reading the card, a slow grin stretched across his face, one corner of his mouth a little higher than the other. “Your question is ‘Where was the first place you had sex’?”
    Her lips pinched. “Pass.”
    â€œYou can’t pass,” he told her. “It’s not that kind of game.”
    â€œPass,” she told him loudly, glaring.
    â€œYes.” Maggie shifted, her large frame making the chair groan with alarm. “We’ve been skipping the more personal questions. I think some cards from the couple’s version of the game got mixed in. Give her another one, Chance.”
    Yet every question she rolled to, Chance asked her still more intimate questions. Questions where more often than not, he would be the answer. If she deigned to answer. Jane didn’t know if he was palming the cards to the couple’s version, or if he was making up the questions on the spot, but his impish smile told her he knew he was getting to her. After dodging more uncomfortable questions than she could count, she’d finally had enough.
    With a tight smile, Jane stood. “It’s been a long day. I’m going to head home. ’Night, everyone.” She walked over to Leon. “Almost ready to go?”
    He chewed on some ice. “Probably five minutes till I win this one.” Belching softly, he picked up two cards.
    â€œI’ll wait for you outside.” At his nod, she spun on her heel and strode away. She breathed the cool night air deeply, feeling her muscles relax for the first time that night. Footsteps sounded behind her, and just like that, her Zen moment was stolen. “Come on,” she muttered under her breath.
    â€œI’ll give you a ride home,” Chance said. “I already told Leon he could keep playing.”
    Narrowing her eyes, Jane turned to face him. “You shouldn’t have done that. I came with Leon and I’ll leave with him. You can head on home.”
    Chance dug his hand into his front pocket, digging for his keys. “Leon’s had quite a bit to drink. Maggie’s

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