Precious Lace (Lace #4)

Precious Lace (Lace #4) by Adriane Leigh

Book: Precious Lace (Lace #4) by Adriane Leigh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Adriane Leigh
rest of the night. 


      The next few weeks went by in a blissful blur. I stayed with Carter at his house; it was now our house as he reminded me at every moment. I happily signed the paperwork to make my name officially Mrs. Evangeline Morgan. My heart swelled with love that the three of us would be a united family. 
      I wasn't naive enough to think that all of our problems were behind us, and I would be lying if I said that once and a while I didn't fear that Carter would throw his walls up and lock me out, but he hadn't and I wanted to believe deep down in my heart that those days were behind us. 
      I’d also bit the bullet and called my parents and broke the news that Carter and I had gotten married. My mom was understandably devastated. I was her only child; she'd always dreamed of being at my wedding some day. She cried, I cried, but I explained that Carter and I were happy and working on our future together. Dad on the other hand wasn't so receptive, but I knew Mom would bring him around. 
      Carter and I had decided to wait to share the news with our families about the baby; I was so nervous that something bad could happen at any moment, I was still holding my breath every passing day until our next appointment. Carter also broke the news to his parents that we'd gotten married and they were beyond excited. Emma had in fact known that day at the barbecue and gushed on the phone that she was so excited to finally have a sister and that she'd nearly burst with wanting to spill the beans.  

      "Are you nervous?" Carter had taken the day off to take me to my six-week appointment. This was the big one, the one where we would hopefully hear the heartbeat. 
      "Always," I frowned. The nurse called me in and took my vitals. Everything was as expected. The nurse guided us into a room and I sat on the table while Carter held my hand and caressed my wrist softly with the pad of his thumb. 
      "Maybe we could get lunch after this? Or make a stop at La Perla?" he breathed in my ear seductively. His warm breath tickled my neck and sent shivers down my body. When I wasn't sleeping or peeing my desire for him was through the roof, apparently a side effect of all of the hormones in my system. Carter wasn't complaining in the slightest. 
      "Carter, you're making me nervous." I tilted my head to block his access to my neck. 
      "I’m trying to distract you." He pulled the hair off my neck. The cool air caused another wave of shivers to race through my body. 
      "You're making it worse," I whispered. 
      "It doesn’t sound like it." He trailed his lips along my sensitive flesh. 
      "Good morning, Evangeline." Dr. Burke breezed into the room with a nurse following behind her. Carter pulled away from me in a flash.
      "Good morning." I smiled. 
      She shuffled through her paperwork and then turned to me. "Six weeks today, huh?" She stood and placed a hand on my shoulder. 
      "Yep," I sighed nervously. 
      "So we're going to listen for the heartbeat today. We should be able to hear it, but if not it's still early on and not abnormal. Lean back on the table and lift your shirt." 
      Carter laid me back slowly and waggled his eyebrows with a mischievous smirk. I rolled my eyes at him. 
      Dr. Burke turned around and placed a probe against my belly and turned up the volume on the box in her hands. I held my breath as she moved around my belly searching for the little heartbeat I was desperate to hear. Carter held my hand tightly and continued to caress the skin with his thumb. It was taking what felt like forever. I kept reminding myself that if we didn't hear it to today it didn't mean anything was wrong. 
      She moved the probe to just above my pelvis and then a small whoosh-whoosh echoed through the room. 
      "Is that it?" My eyes darted to hers.
      "That's the baby." She smiled brightly. The whooshing sound filled my ears and a smile spread across my face so wide it hurt. Water pooled

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