Panther Protection

Panther Protection by Gracie Meadows

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Authors: Gracie Meadows
and when I do, I have been keeping them hidden.”
    “See, Axel, friend not foe. Now please tell me what’s going on.”
    “I don’t know all the details, but Xandria showed up as some prick tried to tell us he was taking Millie as his mate. He said his name was Razi…”
    “Malak. Shit, I knew something was off with him. Who is Xandria?” Mr. Mayweather asked.
    “It’s a long story. Are you serious about keeping her safe?”
    “With my life. She has a gift within her, but I can’t put my finger on it. I promise to always protect your mate.” Axel agreed because he pulled out his phone and told Gage to take out two more steaks for dinner.
    “Well, welcome to the crazy that is all of us. Why don’t you follow us and we can tell you all about it when we get there.” He had agreed and soon the three of them headed out the building to Axel’s truck, which happened to be near Mr. Mayweather’s car. They parted ways and headed home.
    “Axel, you going to tell me what this is about and why you almost attacked my boss.”
    “Baby, I’m sorry, okay? I’m on edge right now. Both Gage and I were attacked at home and your mother dearest showed up and saved the day. She said she needed to talk to us, but wouldn’t tell us any more. Razi seemed to know who you were, and now I know about that by the way.” He glanced over at her with a small scowl.
    She wanted to yell at him and tell him he hadn’t shown up more than twice, the first day she worked there, and then a few days later, but that had been it. It didn’t seem like something she had to tell them.
    “Anyway, your boss is a fucking lion. How did I not smell him on you?” She really was getting tired of people saying they smelled things on her. She didn’t smell like anyone but herself and if one more person said she smelled like this or that she was going to punch them in the nose.
    She shrugged her shoulders right as they pulled into the driveway. She saw the porch was unfinished, but what bothered her was the front door was being fixed and Gage had scratches all over him. Without thinking, she climbed out of the truck and went to him.
    “Oh God, what happened? Are you okay? Let me look at you.” She was fussing over him but all he did was hold her, making her rest her head on his chest as he took slow, deep breaths.
    “I’m okay. Your mom’s inside. Go change.” Again with small words, but she knew what he meant. Looking behind her, she saw Mr. Mayweather had removed his tie and was walking up the steps with Axel. Both were talking so she quickly ran upstairs to change. Not even five minute later, she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt ready to take on whatever it was they were going to do.
    “Amelia, I’m glad you're home and safe.” Turning she found Xandria grasping her in a hug. It was still awkward for her, and she patted her back waiting for it to end.
    “I’m good, can you tell me what this is all about?”
    “I think it is best if we sit,” she responded and right now she was so happy she had a large table because Gage had brought out cups of coffee for everyone as they all sat.
    “Hey, I know you,” Mr. Mayweather said as he stared at her mother.
    “Yes, you do. Let me introduce myself. I am Xandria, Queen of the Fairies, and Amelia’s mother.”
    “Holy shit,” Mr. Mayweather spat. “But you came to me in dreams, told me where to find people. I have used all my power and knowledge to destroy the rest of the Coven.”
    “My dear, Travis, it is time you unite with those of the prophecy, but right now I need your help with keeping Amelia safe.”
    “We can keep her safe,” Axel quipped.
    “Yes you can, but this is bigger than I feared. You see, Razi Malak isn’t just some shifter who is after Amelia, he is the Troll King.”
    “Fuck a duck,” she said as the room went silent.

Chapter Thirteen
    Millie was reeling from all the information that was given to them and just needed to lay down. It seemed her power was

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