Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box by K C Blake

Book: Pandora's Box by K C Blake Read Free Book Online
Authors: K C Blake
syllable, the door flew open and three people charged in.   The first gunman inside fired his gun at Skinner.   The bullets hit him squarely in the chest.   Skinner fell on the coffee table.
    Madison kicked the gun out of the second guy’s hand.   It flew across the room.   She grabbed a lamp from the end table, ripped the cord out of the wall, and threw it at him.   It hit him square in the head.   He yelped.   Before he could recover she executed a flying kick, feet to chest, and sent the guy speeding through the air.   He hit the wall hard.   Guy number two was down for the count.
    In the meantime Tyler went after the first man.   He hit him several times before throwing him into the entertainment center.   The entire thing fell on top of the guy.   He was pinned like a bug under a heavy book.
    Unfortunately the third gunman was the Blond Assassin.   She filed in last, gun raised and ready.   With a cheeky smile she pointed the gun at Madison ’s head, not giving her a chance to fight.
    “I think you both know what I want,” she said.   Her eyes were on Madison , but she spoke to Tyler .   “If you don’t give me what Skinner took, I’ll kill her.”
    “He isn’t giving you anything,” Madison said.
    “For your sake, you’d better hope you’re wrong.”
    “You want the file?”   Tyler picked up a manila folder.   “Here.”   He threw it at her.
    The Blonde Assassin lost her focus for a moment.   Her eyes dropped sideways to the scattered papers on the floor near her expensive shoes.   Madison spun around, leg swinging high in the air and she kicked the assassin, sending her sprawling sideways.   The gun fell from the blonde’s hand.   She scrambled for it.
    Madison tried to get it first.
    Tyler jerked on her arm.   “No time for that.   Let’s get the hell out of here!”
    He grabbed her hand.   Their fingers automatically slid in to place as if they’d been holding hands for years.   He pulled her through the door to the empty hallway, passing the elevator in favor of the stairs and practically dragged her behind him up every step.   She’d expected him to go down to the street.  
    They traveled five flights to the roof.   Only then did he release her hand.   He shut the metal door behind them and set a concrete block in front of it.   “Well, that won’t keep her out forever, but maybe it will buy us a few seconds.”
    The chilled wind whipped at their clothes.
    Madison said, “You realize once she figures out we didn’t go downstairs, she’ll come up here to shoot us, right?   I hope you have a plan, because I’m beginning to think you’ve just lost your mind.”
    The solitary word hung in the air, unnerving her.   He walked to the edge of the building, glanced over the side.   Then he systematically took several steps backwards, counting each one.   He stopped before he reached the other side of the roof.  
    “Do you have a plan or not?”   She glanced at the closed door.   So far she didn’t hear anyone on the other side.   “It isn’t too late for us to make a run for it.   We’re sitting ducks up here.”
    Tyler pointed at the building next door.   “It’s a bank that rents out offices on the top floors to financial institutions.   There are security cameras and a state of the art security system everywhere including the rooftop.   If we make the jump, we’ll trip the alarm.   Police will be here in seconds.”
    “That’s your plan?”   She gaped at him.   He really had lost his mind.   “Don’t you think we have enough to deal with without explaining ourselves to the police?   They’ll ask too many questions.”
    “Don’t worry about them.   They’ll do their job, scare the assassin off, and then they’ll leave.   No harm.   No foul.”
    Madison shook her head.   If he hadn’t lost his mind, then he was a total idiot.   The last thing they needed to deal with was the police.   On the other hand,

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