Owning Her Curves

Owning Her Curves by Sway Jones

Book: Owning Her Curves by Sway Jones Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sway Jones
Excerpt from Taming Her Curves (Her Curves series, Book Two)
    This wasn’t supposed to happen, Sofia thought angrily.  Fat girls like her never got kidnapped.  It was too much weight to have to haul around.  Yet here she was on her second kidnapping!  These were different men than the last ones.  She wondered who they were and what their point was.  Did they think she was valuable for money, for sex, for leverage?  Whatever it was they were wrong.
    She tried to convene these facts to them, but her Portuguese wasn’t all that good.  They laughed at her cruelly.  Somehow she didn’t think that she would survive this time.  Something about the way they looked at her terrified her.  These men could and would hurt her severely.  She wondered if her parents had sent them to kill her so that they could be done with her presence in their lives.  Yet for all intents and purposes, she wasn’t much of a presence in their lives anyway.  Why would they need to have her murdered?
    She was utterly confused by the whole situation.  And scared.  She wondered if Dom and John would come looking for her.  She had already missed two calls to them.  They were probably busy looking for Jordan, as they should be.
    The only rule she had followed that they had set down for her was the phone call.  The rest of them she didn’t bother with considering that Dom and John wouldn’t be back for her.  They had their fun with her and now had more important people to attend to.  She only called because she always got their voicemail and she loved hearing the messages they left for her nearly every day.
    “Hey kitten.  Hope you are doing what we told you to do or else you will get one helluva spanking when we get back to you.”
    “Kitten, been thinking about those luscious thighs of yours and how I would love to lie my head on them and sleep.  We haven’t slept for days.”
    “Kitten, the thought of you ‘meowing’ while I suck on your clit, gets me so fucking hard.  We will see each other soon.”
    Sofia knew they wouldn’t be seeing each other ever again.  This was a game they were playing.  She enjoyed playing it with them, but she knew not to expect to win in the final analysis.  She won by having a good time imagining that what they told her was the truth.  They indeed missed her and wanted her.  No man had ever given her a second thought.  Even her own family didn’t give two shits about her.  What made her think these two handsome strangers would?  As soon as they found their next curvy woman, she would be a forgotten memory.
    So if she mattered to no one, why had these bastards kidnapped her?

Chapter 1
                  They were a local gang, Dom found out.  They had been watching her since she arrived at the safe house.  Leaving her alone because she was with them.  They hadn’t made any attempt on her until they were sure that Dom and John had left.  A week after they had gone, the gang made their move and took her.
                  Within a few days they had her sold to a psychopath with a cutting fetish.  He liked to see how a knife sliced through layers of meat.  After working his way up from stray dogs, cats and farm animals, to sickly prostitutes, he wanted more of a challenge, more of an experiment.  He wanted to filet a big girl.
                  The auction began at midnight.
                  Dom and John walked around the perimeter of the room scoping out the security.  Because the venue was considered so secret, there wasn’t much security around.  This was good.  It would be easy to get her out of there.
    They had found out that Sofia was being held in this castle where the illegal slave auction was being held.  The proprietor of the market, the man who had placed the order for Sofia, promised any and all fetishes for sale.  Most of the “meat” as they were called had been kidnapped or sold by their families because of their

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