Other Places 2: Road Blocks

Other Places 2: Road Blocks by P. S. Power

Book: Other Places 2: Road Blocks by P. S. Power Read Free Book Online
Authors: P. S. Power
offer to personally call Leif, the Elth Ambassador.
    "Um... Ridley, the... I don't know his title, but he works at the Fun Zone? A Trickster? He's handling that part, I think. I can ask him to give us an update, and see if he needs any help with his plans, if you want?"
    She chuckled a bit, which Zack took to mean he'd said something funny. It was a bit mean, since how was he supposed to know that kind of thing? No one had ever told him about Tricksters at all.
    Then they got off the phone, just in time for everyone else to start coming in.

Chapter six
    The first one in was actually Lisa, looking well dressed, professional, and even slightly made up. She was still thin, but looked good enough that Mirror Him purred a little.
    'Ah, right. Remember to bang your boss. I nearly forgot about that, what with her looking like a skank for so long, coming in with dirt on her knees. You did get that right? Chicks can do each other that way, but I doubt she was doing that in some alley to get her fix. If she's willing to do that, you're a shoe in.' The leering wasn't visible, but implied heavily enough that Zack could feel him doing it.
    For his part he just smiled and waved to her, hoping to get a chance to explain all the people before she went into combat mode.
    "There was an explosion in the food court. An industrial accident, I think. I don't know what happened to tell the truth. Merry and Conrad were injured pretty badly, so I brought them here. That's... Well, I'm going to be watching the situation. Elis here is their nurse. He's planning to stay for a few days. I know that it's inconvenient, but I didn't want to try and move them too far yet, and you know, couldn't leave. Is it all right?" He suddenly felt nervous, since having two sleeping miniature people in the back of the Mage Embassy was kind of a big deal and he didn't really control that part of things, did he? Lisa, or even Bob, could just say no and he'd need to find someplace else for them. As he started to really get nervous the woman started to nod and took a few steps closer to them all, looking at each carefully.
    "Of course they can stay. I'll have to clear it with Bob, but it should be fine. How is your friend going to feed? I'm... not really up to donating right now. Still at kind of a low ebb that way." She didn't even shy away from the idea, which was more open minded than Zack would have thought she was, to be totally honest. It was a bit more than he was, just to be open about it all.
    "That, is a really good point. I'll see if I can borrow some from Lenore. She has the new bottled kind in. Really, they should sell it here, since it will be easier to bring in here than almost anywhere else. I can just pick it up every few days or whatever." He wrinkled his nose a bit. Talking wasn't getting anything done at all. "One bit here."
    Then he ran, at a slow pace, through the store, to find Lenore standing in the front of her shop with a pan on a hot plate behind the counter, a bottle of blood being warmed right next to it. The place was spotless, but she was alone now, it being before dark still. It was just about the time that Edom normally came in, but he hadn't yet.
    "I heard your idea and it's excellent. We can put a large refrigerator for it in the back. I don't know the plan for shipping it however. Fed-Ex?" She said it as if that just made the most sense, which was a thing that he didn't know about at all. How were they planning to do that? He wasn't doing it for the entire country, not that he knew of.
    He shrugged. "I'll ask and see if there's a list? I think Rebekah likes me well enough so far. No screaming or trying to have me killed yet at least, that I know of. I probably need to take her around today, if she isn't busy, so that she knows that I'm going to keep my end of it up. I'll ask about the rest of this when I call to check." He looked at the pot, a small thing that he was nearly certain was aluminum, which was just

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