Only the Thunder Knows_East End Girls

Only the Thunder Knows_East End Girls by Rena Mason Gord Rollo

Book: Only the Thunder Knows_East End Girls by Rena Mason Gord Rollo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rena Mason Gord Rollo
any knowledge
of wrongdoing and promised to help their investigation all he could. The police
may or may not have believed Knox, but in the end they didn’t care – they
finally had their men.
Burke and Hare were suddenly in big, big trouble…
*   *
Prison near the top of Calton Hill was a terrible place. It was old and
crumbling, with most of the stone cell walls covered in mold or moss from the
constant moisture in the air. There were heavy iron bars on the windows, of
course, but no glass to keep the howling wind and rain outside where it
belonged, the fog rolling into the tiny rooms thick enough that the prisoners
needed to feel their way around some nights just to find their cot.
police had separated Burke from Hare the minute they’d been dragged here from
the pub, kicking and screaming their innocence all the way, and William had no
idea which cell his friend was being kept in. He’d tried calling out to Billy
several times that first night, but the only responses he’d gotten were from
other prisoners telling him to shut his gob and go to sleep. It had been two
full days and nights since William had seen anyone other than the same foul-mouthed
fat man who brought him a bowl of cold porridge each morning and a stale
sandwich made from some kind of greasy grey meat for supper. Eventually he’d
have to see a lawyer or judge, he supposed, but for the time being the powers
that be seemed content to just let him rot.
the third morning of his incarceration, William’s nasty guard forgot to bring
his gruel altogether, instead showing up hours later with the first bit of
information shared with Hare since his arrival. Unfortunately, the news was
Cockbreath?” the jailer said, “Just heard they’re gonna give yer neck a bit of
a stretching, they are! Soon as they can get the gallows ready, I’m told.”
me? Without even having a trial? They can’t do that…can they?”
can do any damn thing they want, mate. Who in blazes do you Irish bastards
think you are, anyway? The rope’s too good for the likes of you two animals,
they ask me. I’d just slit yer throats and be done with it.”
knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere by talking with this brute so he decided
to try and change the conversation.
can I speak to a lawyer? Surely I’ll be allowed to—”
lawyer? For a senseless prick like you? Everyone already knows you’re guilty.
Why would they give you a lawyer?”
William tried to come up with a suitable answer to that, the guard started to
laugh, slapping his dirty palms on the wooden part of the door and grunting
like he’d never said anything so funny.
pulling yer leg, you silly toff. ‘Course you’ll get to see a lawyer, for a’ the
good it’ll do. Before that, though, you’ve got a visitor.”
William asked.
woman. Probably your wife comin’ to say good riddance. Don’t know. Don’t care. I
was just told to come and get ya.”
guard unlocked the door and stepped into the room carrying a pair of rusty
shackles to put on William’s ankles and wrists.
anything funny and I’ll bash yer brains out right here and now and save a’body
the bother of a fancy trial, hear?”
nodded and let the boorish guard do his work, the whole time trying to
understand why Maggie would be coming here to see him. With all the trouble
Billy and he were in, he’d thought she was probably the last person to ever
willingly come for a visit. People might start wondering how much she knew
about the bodysnatching and the murders, and if maybe she was involved in the
crimes and deserved to be sitting in a jail cell alongside him.
then,” The jailer said. “Steady as she goes…”
hobbled out the cell and moved down the damp stone corridor as quickly as his
shackles allowed. The guard poked and prodded him from behind through what
seemed like a

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