Oh Say Can You Fudge

Oh Say Can You Fudge by Nancy CoCo

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Authors: Nancy CoCo
out my hand. “I’m Allie McMurphy. We’re neighbors, sort of. . . .”
    “Ah, the McMurphy girl,” Susan said, her pale blue eyes sparkling behind her glasses. “Nice to meet you, dear.” She shook my hand. “I knew your grandparents well. I’m so sorry for your loss. Liam was a gentleman through and through.”
    Mrs. H was about five foot six inches tall and wore a sweatshirt with a Michigan State logo on it over jeans and athletic shoes. “What brings you to the Hamilton?”
    “I suppose you heard about the fireworks explosion,” I said.
    “Oh, dear, me, yes. I was in the kitchen when it happened. I could hear the booms and see the smoke. What a ruckus.” She shook her head. “I understand you were there.”
    “Yes,” I said with a nod. “It was not fun. We lost all the fireworks for the Star Spangled Fourth.”
    “Oh, dear.” She pushed her glasses farther up on her nose and blinked at me. “That won’t do. That won’t do at all. What is the committee doing about it?”
    “That’s why I’m here. I’m the person in charge of the fireworks. I’ve been lucky enough to find replacements. All we need now is someone qualified to fire them.”
    “I see.” She frowned. “I don’t know what that has to do with me. I’m certainly not qualified.”
    “Oh, no.” I touched her forearm in reassurance. “I’m here to see your latest guest, Henry Schulte. He’s the partner of Rodney Rivers, the technician we lost in the explosion.”
    “Oh, dear, someone died?” Mrs. H asked. “Why did I not hear about that?”
    “The death is still under investigation, but I’m pretty sure it was reported in the Town Crier . I know that Liz was at the scene.”
    “Well, that’s the reason. I’ve been in Petoskey visiting my sister. She lives on a farm and when we get together we do so much chin wagging that we don’t even turn on the television, let alone read a paper.”
    “That makes sense,” I said. “Can you tell me if Mr. Schulte is in?”
    “I saw him about an hour ago when he checked in.” Mrs. H went to a small desk on the wall across from the staircase. “I can’t give out his room number, but you can leave him a message.” She handed me a notepad and a pen.
    “Wow, that is old-fashioned.” I laughed.
    “You’d be surprised at how many people pay attention to a handwritten note over a text message.”
    “Okay.” I wrote out a small note asking Henry to call me and gave my number. “I don’t think he’ll follow up, but it’s worth a try.” I tore off the note, folded it, and put his name on the underside then gave her the note. “It was nice to meet you, Susan.”
    “You, too, Allie,” she said and took the note. “I’ll give this to him right away. Best of luck with your search for the fireworks technician. We really count on the shows.”
    “I know you do. I certainly know you do.”

Chapter 9
    “I heard that Rodney Rivers was getting death threats,” Jenn said as we gathered for our nightly staff meeting in my apartment.
    I poured sangria for myself, Jenn, Frances, and Mr. Devaney. Sandy Everheart, my part-time chocolatier, had ducked out to spend time with her family. The apartment windows were all wide open and the cool breeze off the lake made the curtains flutter.
    “Where’d you hear that?” I asked as I curled up in my favorite chair. “Oh, no, wait—” I held up my hand. “Was it your inside source?” I grinned.
    “Yes.” Jenn tried to hide a secret smile by taking a sip of her drink.
    “How does Shane know?” Frances asked.
    “It’s a small department,” Mr. Devaney said. “I imagine there is some water cooler talk.”
    “Actually, Rex sent Rodney’s smartphone out to be forensically searched. Shane is interested in the process for electronic evidence and was chatting the guys up who did the work. They told him that usually there isn’t much to be found on a victim’s phone, but Rodney did most of his business on his phone

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