Oceans of Red Volume One

Oceans of Red Volume One by Willow Cross

Book: Oceans of Red Volume One by Willow Cross Read Free Book Online
Authors: Willow Cross
Oceans of Red
    Chapter One
    December 21, 2012
    3:33 am
    The walls of the ancient adobe church shuddered as the first tremor hit.  Cloaked figures, knowing they would likely die during the event about to transpire, remained on their knees and continued chanting.  Candlelight flickered casting odd shadows on the walls.  Within seconds, another tremor shook the floor beneath them.  The priests lurched forward.  Now, prostrate on the floor, their voices rose in unison as they beseeched God in all his infinite glory to hold fast the seal. 
    Centered in the tile floor of the room, a mosaic of the virgin mother holding her babe covered the ancient site.  They knew the decoration held no power.  What was beneath held evil in check.  The seal, if broken, would mean t he end of everything just as the prophecies foretold.
    Bits of adobe fell from the walls , joined by small chunks of tile from the ceiling.  A loud boom echoed through the structure.  Cracks and fissures made their way across the entire span of the floor.  Pieces of the mosaic popped and flew into the air.  Their voices did not falter as the dirt under the place where the mosaic had been, dropped and caved in.  Dark smoke erupted from the gaping hole blanketing the room.  As the quake intensified, the smoke pushed against the ceiling until it blew up and out in small pieces.
    The two heavy entryway doors flew back with a crash.  One priest, still praying, glanced over his shoulder.  His voice caught in his throat. 
    A young girl, not more than twenty, hovered in the doorway.  Her vacant eyes stared straight ahead.  Wind whipped long tendrils of blond hair around her slender body as she floated forward.
    “We must leave , brothers.  It is too late.  We have lost,” he yelled over the raging wind.
    Several priests came to their knees while others continued yelling supplications. 
    The darkness swirled around the woman, engulfing her.  Although they knew what was happening, most remained stationary, watching the horrifying event.  A noise akin to thousands of wings flapping overpowered the sounds of breaking glass, wind, and falling adobe.  Then silence came.  The darkness evaporated and only the young woman remained.
    She smiled.  An u nearthly glow surrounded her.  Her rich seductive voice called out to them, “Be not afraid.  I have come to free you.  Serve me and live forever in peace and joy.”
    The men stumbled to their feet each uttering oaths to God for intervention.  Many held the large silver crosses hanging from their necks in front of them.  Some cried as they kissed the archaic symbols while others searched for a way out.
    “What , no takers?  It’s a good deal.  You’ve lost and I’ve won.  Serve me.”
    The only white robed priest spat on the ground.  “Abomination.  Lucifer!  You have no place here!”
    “Lucifer?” she laughed.  “You wish it were that easy.”  The smile left her face and her eyes began to pulsate with red light.  “On your knees.”
    “Never,” many whispered.
    The beautiful woman tilted her head to the side as if surprised.  “So be it.  Come.” 
    Another dark mass erupted from the hole.  Swaths of black separated from the main column to encircle each priest.  Only a few had time to pull the crosses apart and thrust the blades hidden within into their hearts.  Those that failed felt a weightlessness surround them as their bodies levitated from the floor.  Dangling just above the ground, they kicked and pawed at the air as the oily smoke poured into their mouths.  Soon the gagging sounds from those afflicted subsided. 
    The men dropped to their knees as each pair of glowing red eyes locked on their leader’s face.
    Her lips twisted into another smile as she slowly ran a hand across her cheek and down her neck.  “This one is very nice, don’t you agree?”
    “Yes , Master,” they answered in unison.
    “Swear your allegiance to me.”
    “We are yours, do

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