Oath of Challenge  Conquering Kate
her nipple and then sucking it. Kate shut her eyes at the feel of his mouth on her breast, wet heat against aching tightness.
    He moved to the other one, laving and sucking until she arched her back in helpless response. At her movement, he continued with renewed fervor, and then moved downward and placed kisses along her stomach until he reached the waistband of the skirt. It was knee-length, but loose.
    Kate wondered if he would pull it up or rip it off. In answer, he moved back and then ripped it off. She was left in soaked panties and nothing else. She waited with trembling anticipation for his next move.
    Without any warning, Tair leaned down and put his mouth over her mound through the panties. He licked against her clit and then gently sucked. She moaned and tried to lift to get more pressure. She wanted his mouth without anything in the way. He was making her crazy with need.
    He moved one big hand and untied her panties on one side. Then, watching silently, he untied the other string. He used one finger to pull the panties down and away. They landed between her legs on the bed. She arched upward again, silently asking for what she wanted.
    The heated look he gave her froze her in place. He said in a controlled voice, “You will not move or I will not touch you.”
    Kate frowned in response. She was wet and she was aching. He’d better touch her soon. She wanted to fight him, but at the same time she was too aroused to think of a plan at the moment. She could make him pay later.
    When she remained silent, he seemed to take it as assent. Still looking into her eyes, he asked roughly, “Do you want my cock? Should I strip off these garments and plunge into you now? I want to feel your wet walls gripping me, Kate. I want to be inside you.”
    She shut her eyes at the image his words brought to mind. She opened them again. Gathering her strength, she said shakily, “No.”
    He stared hard at her and then asked shortly, “Do you want my mouth?”
    Kate shuddered at his words. She wanted to feel him licking her. He knew exactly how to lick and to suck. Her sex clenched in anticipation. She nodded in response.
    He took one finger and circled her clit in a teasing motion. In a cool voice, he said, “I am not sure that is really what you need.”
    She closed her eyes in frustration and then opened them again. She was beginning to get angry. “Would you just get on with it?”
    Tair rocked back onto his knees and turned his head. Kate watched as the strange object he had gotten from the wall earlier floated through the air and came to rest in his hand. With a sense of unreality, she waited to see what would happen next.
    Tair leaned forward and thrust two fingers into her tight sheath. Her head went back and she let out a long, low moan. He said, “You are so wet. Feel how my fingers slide in easily and fill you.”
    Kate could feel his long fingers thrusting in and out of her swollen sex. She was on fire and heading closer to the edge. She wanted more. Instead of giving it to her, Tair removed his fingers. She bit back an instinctive protest, feeling cheated. Raising her head, she could see him watching her.
    He stared into her eyes. Circling one finger around her opening, he murmured huskily, “Imagine how hard my cock would be inside you. How it would feel thrusting into you.” He used both fingers and stabbed deep within her suddenly.
    Kate’s head fell back and she moaned loudly. He was tormenting her with sensual skill. She shook her head negatively from side to side, denying his seductive invitation. She was hanging on by a thread, but she refused to give in to intercourse. He pulled out his fingers and she nearly screamed at the frustration of it.
    Suddenly, she felt a hard object probing deep within her. Opening her eyes, she raised her head and exclaimed, “What the hell?”
    The object was cool and hard and growing inside her. It expanded until she was stretched and full. She bit her lip and took a few

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