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Nicole Jordan by The Passion

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Authors: The Passion
the pleasures it was made for.”
    When instinctively she moved her arms in front of her body to hide from him, he gently pushed them aside.
    “No shyness between us, siren.” He ran a finger along her throat to the tip of her breast, the erotic feel making her draw a sharp breath. “What does it matter if I see your charms? Whatever secrets you share will be safe with me.”
    Her vision clouded at the reminder. Come tomorrow, he would be gone. Whatever intimacy they shared would go to his grave. But tonight was what mattered now. Tonight he was her husband, her lover. She could give herself to him without fear or shame. She could abandon her inhibitions, her natural reserve.
    She reached up to touch his sensual mouth with her fingertips. “You said you wanted to forget,” she reminded him, her voice soft. “Nothing exists, before or after this moment.”
    “So I did.” Tender flames warmed the depths of his eyes.
    He had beautiful eyes. Eyes that took possession of her wherever they touched.
    He took a step closer then, bringing their skin in contact. The heat from his body leapt into hers, shocking, scalding.
    Aurora trembled at the erotic sensation, feeling her breasts graze his chest, and below, the hot, throbbing maleness of him press against her stomach.
    “Have you never wondered what it would be like to lie with a man? To feel his hard flesh deep within you?” Nicholas bent his head, his lips kissing a path along her cheekbone.
    Yes, she had wondered, Aurora reflected dizzily. In the most secret corners of her heart, she had dreamed about a nameless lover who could rouse her to passion—
    “But if you had,” he answered his own question, “you could not properly admit it.”
    That brought a faint smile to her lips. “No. A lady would never admit to such things.”
    “No, never. But if you ever have wondered…now is the time to indulge your curiosity.” Capturing her trembling hand, he enfolded it around the throbbing shaft of his manhood. “Touch me, love. Feel my flesh….”
    Holding her breath at the alarming size of him, she accepted his bold guidance, learning the unique feel of him. The smooth velvet skin of his phallus. The granite hardness. The swollen marble head. The soft curling hair and heavy sacs beneath. He really was not so frightening. Not any longer. If she were honest, she would admit she found the differences in their bodies thrilling. His sheer masculinity called out to everything feminine in her.
    His hands rose to her breasts then, cupping their lush swells. Aurora closed her eyes and sighed. How expert he was, she thought dazedly. His hands were a murmur against her body, his fingertips gliding over her flesh, fanning over her breasts in deepening strokes.
    “You are enchanting.”
    He was the one who was enchanting, Aurora thought, unable to resist the exquisite languor that had stolen through her limbs. He had bewitched her.
    Voluntarily her mouth sought his while she moved closer, straining to feel his flesh against her. A gratified murmur sounded deep in his throat.
    He kissed her for the space of a dozen heartbeats, his lips at once soothing and arousing. After a while, though, he lifted her in his arms and settled her on the bed, then followed her down to lie beside her.
    His eyes half shut, his gaze sensual and compelling, he began to stroke her aching breasts again, his palms rubbing the tautened globes, his fingers kindling arrows of impossible rapture in her tight nipples.
    Aurora surrendered fully to him. It was magical to lie in his arms like this, to breathe in the warm, masculine scent of him, to feel his incredible touch. Then he bent his head, savoring her stiffened nipple with his mouth, and her breath lodged in her throat.
    She wanted him, she realized. Wanted to experience the spark and fire between a man and a woman that he had shown her once before. His tongue flicked over the rosy bud, rasping slowly, before his lips closed to suckle the swollen crest.

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