New Growth (Spook Hills Trilogy Book 2)

New Growth (Spook Hills Trilogy Book 2) by Jayne Menard

Book: New Growth (Spook Hills Trilogy Book 2) by Jayne Menard Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jayne Menard
  If this comes out later, the FBI will not approve
of you withholding information.”
    John Henry glared at him, raising his head in an attempt to regain what he considered his
superiority.   An odd smirk came to his
face, contorting one side of his mouth in disdain.
    “I encountered him at an upscale bordello employing
high-class call girls,’ John Henry said.   “We spent the afternoon quite satisfyingly.   I presume you are going to relate all this to
    Mathew kept his gaze steady.   He needed to disassociate his attraction for Callie and his loathing of
John Henry from his role as a federal agent.
    “Not if I can avoid it.   How many times did you meet him?” Mathew asked.
    “Only the one afternoon.   He did approach me for money.”
    “Is he aware of Rick’s financial status?”
    John Henry sat silently, avoiding his eyes and making Mathew
think the cousin knew about Rick’s wealth.   Mathew took down the particulars.   “I will relay this info to the federal agent in charge of the
investigation.   You can expect to be questioned more about this relative and about your activities.   Giving all the facts should make the
conversation go more smoothly.”
    “My colleagues cannot be apprised of this at Berkeley.”
    “You are the one who mixed up your priorities.   For Callie and Susannah’s sakes, I will keep
this information contained if possible.   They deserve not to be hurt more over this travesty.   I n all
likelihood, Callie will hear about it from the FBI.   This is their investigation now.   As Susannah’s parents, each of you will be
briefed periodically on the status of the case.”
    Mathew went back to the kitchen to interview Rick.   A series of anomalies popped up with his
son’s financials and Mathew needed to pursue them.   Rick was just taking a glass of cold water
back to the table.  
    “Rick, can you think of any liaisons, friends or family who
might be into unlawful activities and created a
massive debt?” Mathew asked as he sat down.
    Rick’s face showed no surprise at the question.   “Been sitting here asking myself the same questions .   Me, no.   Way too much to lose,
including my family and my self-respect.   Among my friends, relations and associates, none I am aware of and no
deviant behavior that I noticed.”
    “What about your son?”
    “What do you mean?” Rick asked, his voice a little uneasy.
    “The FBI scrutinized the financial records of close
relatives,” Mathew replied.   “Your son
systematically drained his bank accounts and his 401K.   He took out a second mortgage.”
    “Damn it, Mathew.   His
investment is legitimate.   Some buddies
of his from college offered him a chance to buy into the startup of a new golf
club in a prime location.   The money he
put up is part of their capital.   I also
gave him a partial advance on his inheritance.   For the sake of the estate, the transaction is documented.”
    “If confronted, he will be able to show us paperwork,
ownership shares, and other documentation?” Mathew asked.
    “Unless he was stupid and invested based on a handshake since his friends are doing the
project.”   Rick wiped a hand across his
eyes and stifled a yawn, reminding Mathew that none of them had slept much the
last two nights.
    “It would be best if you do not tip him off,” Mathew said.
    “For chrissakes, you talked with him at my house. We may not
be the closest family, but he is my son.   I can’t let an FBI agent knock on his door without first hearing why,”
Rick said, his voice rising in indignation.
    “All right.   Call your son now,” Mathew said although he was
reluctant to relent on his stance.   “Tell
him about Susannah and advise him the FBI
will be interviewing your family members.   No other details.”
    “My kids are jealous as hell of Callie and Susannah.   They’re going to flip out if the feds come
after them.”  
    “Miserable business,” Mathew said.   Rick nodded

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