My Mistake (Stories of Serendipity #7)

My Mistake (Stories of Serendipity #7) by Anne Conley

Book: My Mistake (Stories of Serendipity #7) by Anne Conley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anne Conley
I’ll come out there tomorrow, if I can get this job done in the morning.”
    “I’ll be at Mr. Jackson’s in the morning, then come and get you if you want to come out. I think it’s a good idea for your car to be here, so at least it looks like someone’s home.”
    She nodded. He tugged on her belt loops, drawing her closer. “I’ve been curious about something.” He licked his lips, and Casey reached toward his chest and circled a teasing fingernail over his nipple through his T-shirt, pleased at the hiss of breath that came from Brent. “If your panties always match your shoes, what does it mean when you’re barefoot?” His eyes were on her feet, which she carefully placed on top of his boots before lifting herself up closer to his face.
    “I wish you could find out,” she breathed into his mouth as he captured her lips in a needy kiss. His hands travelled inside the waist band of her shorts to find the string there before snapping it against her skin. The sharp sting elicited a squeal from Casey as he lifted her up and set her on the porch railing. Trailing hot kisses down her neck, he whispered hoarsely all the things he wished he could do to her. Casey trembled at the thought.
    The loud grumble of a diesel engine interrupted them as Les’ ancient pick-up pulled into her driveway. Brent pulled away reluctantly, but Casey was pleased to see the splotches of red marking his cheeks, eloquently illustrating his desire.
    Les’ broad frame came up the porch steps, the entire structure seeming to shudder under his footfalls. Les was shorter than Brent, but broader in the shoulders and filled space like a man twice his size. The two men bumped fists and clapped shoulders before Brent kissed Casey once more and left. She turned to Les as he encased her in a spine-creaking bear hug.
    “How’ve you been?”
    “Never better, Case. How about you?”
    “Things are looking up, Les. Aside from this intruder BS, I’m doing great.” She ushered him inside, yelling at her mom that he was here and got him a beer.
    They sat on the couch and caught up on years past, two friends filling each other in on their lives. Growing up, Brent, Les and Max had pretty much been inseparable. They had gotten into so much trouble, Brent’s Nana had referred to them as the Terrible Trio. They were infamous for vandalizing houses of teachers and girls who wronged one of the three boys. Unfortunately, Les’s unrequited loves got the brunt of the toilet papered trees, but Casey remembered once, when Max failed Algebra, Mr. Hickerson had gotten an enormous swastika in his pristine lawn when spring time came and the rye grass had grown, bright green against the St. Augustine grass he’d so painstakingly cultivated. The only reason she knew about it was because it had been Brent’s idea, months before hand. They’d just been waiting for an affront so egregious to use the prank.
    Les was still attached at the hip to his guitar, having left it in his truck until Casey’s mom gave the okay for him to play it. Of course, Casey told him she wouldn’t mind, but he didn’t get it just yet.
    “I want to catch up first. Once I have that thing in my hands, it’s hard not to play it.” She remembered him sitting around at parties, off in a corner, strumming and picking out tunes contentedly.
    “Have you done anything with your music?”
    He shrugged. “I play at the Gin when Serena lets me, but mostly just for friends. I don’t want to hit the big time or anything. Not anymore.”
    She leaned back, peeling the label off her beer bottle. “What do you want to do?”
    He shrugged, leaning back on the couch to look at her. “I want to find someone to settle down with. At this point, that’s all.”
    “You got your eye on anyone special?”
    His gaze dropped. “Yeah, but I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna happen. Her current excuse is her daughter, but I’m pretty sure next year when the daughter goes off to college, she’ll come up

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