My Lady's Pleasure
her, trying to pull her beneath him, but she pushed his hands away.
    “Let me, my love,” she whispered.
    My love. She had, in truth, said it. Before he could take the knowledge in and savor it, her fingers curled around his staff, and her caresses moved lower and lower.
    God’s breath. She was going to put her mouth on him.
    He lay still, bracing himself for the heat of her lips against his cock. Still, when she sucked on the tip, he couldn’t contain a shout. He brayed like an animal in heat, and his pelvis thrust upward.
    She didn’t retreat in the face of his hunger, but took more of him, her tongue swirling around the ridge of flesh that marked the throbbing head of his member.
    Now, her hand pumped him. Strong fingers working the shaft while her mouth wrought madness, taking more and more of him into its wet heat. She sent feather-light strokes over his coilles until they hardened in readiness for the inevitable.
    He was going to come hard. Already it built at the base of his spine. A force so powerful, it would change him forever. Closer and closer it came as she continued swallowing his flesh as if she’d never have enough.
    “Ah, Josalyn,” he said. “Take me inside you. I need to fill you. Now.”
    She did, rising up above him and straddling him. With one hand, she pressed against his chest for support, and with the other, she guided his cock to her entrance. Wet and ready, she eased onto him, taking all of him into her depths.
    Again, they became one as he thrust up into her. Both strained for their mutual pleasure. She held herself above him so he could watch the swing of her breasts as they coupled. At the place where they joined, his cock moved in and out, moistened by her queynt. Her face turned into the same mask of abandon he’d witnessed moments before. She was ready, too, and the walls of her sex squeezed around him.
    Light flared around them as his orgasm tore through his body. Stars, colors, flames. She climaxed with him, her chamber contracting around him. Both of them shouted as he came in one hot wave of his seed after another. The madness went on and on, each pushing the other to impossible heights. When it had finished, finally, she floated down onto him, moaning softly.
    He managed to lift an arm and stroke her back. “I love you, Josalyn.”
    “Yes,” she whispered.
    “Love me, too, my lady.”
    “Yes. Oh, yes.”
    Josalyn leaned against a parapet and stared out over the river. The full moon left a trail of light over the water, and a warm breeze kissed her cheek. A calming night after the turmoil of the day. The man of her dreams–or at least, a fantasy version of him–had romanced his way between her legs, and she’d called out her husband’s name at the ultimate moment.
    Ulric had watched the whole thing. What must he have thought? He’d said he loved her, but then, he’d just climaxed himself. He hadn’t said more than three words to her through dinner and sat in silence as Trey had entertained the household with song afterward. She should retire to the chamber below and prepare for bed. She’d discover Ulric’s mood soon enough.
    She sensed him then, his soft tread behind her, the warmth of his body as he stepped up beside her. He wore a simple tunic, and the breeze ruffled the sleeves against her own.
    “Why so quiet, mouse?” he said.
    Her heart sunk. “I’m a mouse again?”
    “You’ll always be my mouse,” he answered. “Why do you think it an insult?”
    “You called me that within an hour of meeting me,” she said. “Right after you’d overrun my home.”
    “Can you not imagine I’d already fallen in love with you?”
    She put her hand on his arm and gazed up into his face. “Love?”
    He picked up a lock of her hair and wrapped it around his fingers. “The first moment I saw you, I thought this was the color of sunlight and flame.”
    She laughed. “It’s brown.”
    He brought his hand to his lips. “It’s magic.”
    “I think I was

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