My Best Friend's Brother (A Bashir Family Romance Book 1)

My Best Friend's Brother (A Bashir Family Romance Book 1) by Unknown

Book: My Best Friend's Brother (A Bashir Family Romance Book 1) by Unknown Read Free Book Online
Authors: Unknown
it’s big. I recommend you keep your head down.”
    I scooped some eggs onto my plate and tried to act normal.
    I guess he didn’t yet know that I was the cause of the tension. Poor, naïve Rasheed. I wanted to trade places with him.
    Mr. Bashir was reading the Wall Street Journal, but he looked like his mind was a million miles away from the stock market report on page five. I didn’t dare speak to him.
    Without a word, Annika came in, grabbed her plate and left with her breakfast.
    I guess to eat in her room.
    Okay, so she hates me now too.
    I brought my dish to the sink feeling that it was a mistake to come down. I should have eaten my secret stash of almonds. I could live off of them if I needed to.
    On my way out of the kitchen, Mrs. Bashir met me, her expression unreadable.
    “Scarlett, you’re up.”
    “Um, hi. Good morning.”
    “I was just running out to the store. Would you come with me?”
    I hesitated. Who would I be getting into the car with? The woman I saw as a kind of mother-figure to me? Or the woman who thought I was destroying her family by moving in on her son?
    I had to find out where I stood regardless. Better now than later.
    “Sure. Let me get my coat.”

    I sat clutching the door-rest in the passenger seat of Mrs. Bashir’s Wimbledon white Mercedes as we drove toward the supermarket. After a few minutes, she broke the cold silence.
    “It’s been nice having you in our home, Scarlett.”
    “It’s been nice staying with you. Thank you again for…your hospitality.”
    What was she getting at?
    “You’re eighteen now, an adult.”
    Ah, I get it now.
    “Yes, I am.”
    Silence. Was that it? Did she ask me to drive to the market with her so she could remind me that I was now old enough to live alone? Mrs. Bashir wasn’t known for being subtle. Something more was coming.
    We shopped for dinner at the store and then drove home. During the ride back, she finally got down to business.
    “Scarlett, this is hard for me to say.”
    “I used to think you were a good example for Annika. But that’s changed now.”
    Would she say it? I decided to beat her to the punch.
    “Because I slept with your son?”
    Her face turned red. I instantly regretted my brazen approach.
    “I thought you were better than that, Scarlett.”
    I wanted to explain everything to her and maybe gain some compassion.
    “He told me he loved me.”
    She looked at me like I was the biggest fool in the universe.
    “Dev is going through some…personal things right now. He’s not thinking with a clear head. In a few years, he’ll marry someone who… shares his values.”
    Several minutes passed, the two of us with nothing else to say. I wanted to jump out of the car and run away, but I knew what I had to do.
    “I’ll move out.”
    I half expected her to correct me.
    To tell me that wouldn’t be necessary.
    That she and her family loved me.
    That I was always welcomed in their house.
    When she said nothing, I had my answer.

    That afternoon I assessed my belongings and made sure I still had my key to dad’s trailer. It would be fine, I told myself. I would live there until school was out, and then, if all the stars aligned, I would be going away to school and I could forget about all this.
    I would make myself forget.
    I was surprised when Annika stumbled in while I was emptying my drawers.
    “I guess you’re leaving, huh?”
    I didn’t look up.
    She sat down on my bed, her anxiety palpable.
    “I just don’t get it, Scarlett. Why do you have to have every guy around?” Her voice was angry, bitter.
    I looked at her, puzzled.
    “What are you talking about?”
    “Everyone I ever liked, you always seem to catch their eye. I could live with that, but I really liked Rhett . I told you that, and I thought you would back off of him for my sake. And then, to top things off, you sleep with my brother and turn my mother into a basket case. You couldn’t even leave my own brother

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