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Authors: B L Hamilton
Rosie suggested.
    “And the flesh would be starting to slough off the
bones. Shame you didn’t come up with something earlier. We could have done with
a hand. But now it’s too late–Pity.”
    “I’m s… so… s... sorry,” Linda stammered.
    “You can’t leave bodies lying around, Linda. Not in
this heat. You have to get them in the ground before they start going off…” I
    “You know, health issues and all,” my sister added
    I reached across and gave Linda a consoling pat on the
thigh. “But, don’t feel too bad; I’ll keep you in mind for the next one.”
    Linda clutched her stomach; horror etched in every
pore of her putty-gray face. As she jumped up she knocked over her chair,
spilling her things onto the floor. I watched the door slam behind her as she
raced out the room.
    I righted the chair and picked her things up. “I don’t
know what’s gotten into her. It’s not like we’re ungrateful. Everyone knows you
can’t leave bodies lying around while you wait for someone to find a Potter’s
Field closer than the one in Virginia.”
    “You don’t have to tell me…” my sister started–and
stopped. “Bodies!” she said, her eyes wild. “Bodies! You mean there’s more than
    My attention wavered to a loose
thread caught in the seam of my jeans. “Well, it’s best to prepare for any
future contingencies,” I said as I gave it a tug.
    “I don’t think I like the way this conversation is
    I gave her a conciliatory pat on the arm. “Then we
shan’t talk about it anymore.”
    The hostess smiled as she escorted them to a table.
When they were seated she handed them menus and said, “Your server will be with
you shortly.”
    The waiter arrived with glasses and a jug of ice
water. After the glasses were filled he took down their order and left.
    Danny picked up the glass and took a long drink. “This
is nice.”
    Nicola didn’t say anything, her eyes scanned the room.
    “Are you okay?” Danny asked.
    Nicola dragged her eyes away from a large man standing
by the door. “Yes, of course I am. Why do you ask?”
    “You seem a little preoccupied.”
    “I’m okay, Danny, really.”
    Danny looked at the sports memorabilia and photos of
local teams and cheerleaders that covered the walls, along with pictures of
long dead movie stars–and rock ‘n’ rollers who managed to wipe themselves out
on a regular basis.
    The restaurant was filled with families and young
couples, and groups–while the bar was dominated by men more interested in the game
on the screen than the food on their plates. The obligatory bottle of beer
stood within easy reach. 
    Nicola watched a tow headed child of around six or
seven, sitting in the booth opposite. He was attempting to tell his parents a
story, but couldn’t stop laughing long enough.
    Danny reached across the table and took hold of her
    “Yes, Danny,” she said, her attention still on the
young boy.
    “I don’t want you to come with me tonight.”
    Nicola’s smile faded. “Why not?”
    “Because I feel more comfortable with these guys on my
own,” Danny said.
    “I see,” she said softly–but she didn’t see at all.
    “No, Nic, you don’t see. The antique Harley community
is a close-knit group where everyone knows everyone else. They treat me as one
of them, and I’d like to keep it that way.” He went on to explain, “There was
an awkward incident some years ago involving Sara, that caused a lot of bad
feelings, and I lost several good contacts. Now I prefer to keep my private
life separate that way there are no complications–no misunderstandings.” He
wasn’t going to go into details. It was something he preferred not to talk
    Nicola waited for an explanation, but when none was
forthcoming she traced her finger around a circle of condensation left by her
water glass, and tried not to show how she really felt.
    She wiped a napkin over the damp patch,

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