Midlife Glitch (May/December Romances Book 1)

Midlife Glitch (May/December Romances Book 1) by Ben Boswell

Book: Midlife Glitch (May/December Romances Book 1) by Ben Boswell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ben Boswell
Chapter One
    It is amazing how having no problems can become a problem. I'm Dan. And, I'm a jerk. But it is also a fact that not one man out of a thousand would have behaved any differently. Well, not any straight man out of a thousand at least.
    Joanne and I have been married twenty-eight years. I'm fifty-four, she's a stunningly well-preserved fifty-two, even after bearing and raising three rambunctious boys. I know that description sounds ungracious. I don’t mean it that way. But it’s life. Years take a toll, and after a while, you’re just sort of holding on to what you’ve got. Joanne is easily the sexiest woman in our group of friends. She looks ten years younger than she is. I could go on, but no matter how many compliments I throw out, she’s still fifty-two. A sexy fifty-two, but fifty-two.
    Our youngest son recently finished college and actually found a job that allows him to live on his own, making us truly empty nesters. Joanne and I have always had a solid sex live, and it picked up nicely when Josh finally went off to school. No more needing to hide under the covers in the dark, listening for footsteps in the hall. In some ways, that's where our problem started. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
    I'm in commercial real estate, and luckily enough my old firm got bought out shortly before the crash, leaving me with both a nice, little, nest egg and also a fair amount of time on my hands. I've done a few deals since, but have also had the chance to work on my golf game and spend some quality time with my guitar for the first time since before our kids were born. I like to joke that it allowed me to have a soft landing instead of a midlife crisis. Little did I know.
    I've been dancing around the facts for a while, which I guess is simple embarrassment as much as anything else. So here goes:
    Her name is Ashley. She's eighteen. Long, straight, blond hair down to the middle of her back. She's a little wisp of a girl, 5'2" and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. But she's got that skinny-curvy combo going-on that only seems possible in women from their late teens to early twenties, an impossibly narrow waist combined with a shapely bubble butt, and perfect, full breasts that women spend a fortune trying to acquire if not blessed with them by nature. Big, blue eyes. Heartbreakingly beautiful.
    She's my best friend Trent's daughter. Trent was my best man at my wedding. I was his. Joanne and I have known Ashley since she was born. She used to call me “Uncle Danny.” Are you getting a sense of why I’m embarrassed?
    She'd just finished high school, and had gotten an unpaid summer internship in our area, and of course when Trent asked if we'd put her up for a month, we agreed.
    Ashley is not only beautiful, but also a really sweet girl, at least with us. She helped with the dishes without being asked, was never moody or withdrawn, and just generally behaved like the dream daughter Joanne had always wanted, but never had. They even looked a little alike, both blondes with pale skin, although Joanne is taller and had always kept her hair shorter, shoulder length at most.
    I mentioned that Joanne and I have a good sex life. She's a really sensuous woman. Very responsive in bed, though for years we could only really let go on those rare occasions when we managed to ditch the kids with someone else. But once Josh was gone, we definitely took advantage of our privacy. We were finally able to have what we always called “vacation sex” at home.
    We had developed a Friday night routine. Joanne would get home from work, and I’d have a glass of wine waiting. A nice dinner, some flirty chit-chat, then a slow move to the bedroom. We’d undress, taking our time. Sometimes leaving the lights on. Not having to worry about little, and then big feet, crashing through the house was such a treat. And then after, being able to luxuriate together if we wanted to, wrapped in a sheet, at most, just kissing and giggle

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