MC BIKER ROMANCE: Bad Boy Romance: BETRAYED: (New Adult Motorcycle Club Navy SEAL Romance) (Contemporary Military Romance Thriller)

MC BIKER ROMANCE: Bad Boy Romance: BETRAYED: (New Adult Motorcycle Club Navy SEAL Romance) (Contemporary Military Romance Thriller) by Kate Shepherd

Book: MC BIKER ROMANCE: Bad Boy Romance: BETRAYED: (New Adult Motorcycle Club Navy SEAL Romance) (Contemporary Military Romance Thriller) by Kate Shepherd Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Shepherd
I was playing an extremely dangerous game. I wasn’t sure which part of it was worse, however. Was it worse that they could kill me without blinking an eye or was it worse that once Trevor discovered what I’d done, I’d lose him forever?
    Jesus, Leila, you don’t even have him. You’ve got to get over this stupid infatuation and keep your plan rolling or you’re going to be screwed big time. The first two lies did little to override the reality of the fact that I still had to keep my plan rolling.
    While I was sorting through it all, a thought hit me with the force of a bunker buster being dropped from a warthog, something that I had witnessed firsthand during a training exercise while I was in the Corps. That little twinge that I’d felt, the feeling that I had nothing to show for my life, hadn’t been what I thought it had been. That feeling, though I was still having some difficulty admitting it, was the seed of a longing for whatever it was that I had instantly recognized in Trevor the first time I’d seen him. Tragically, however, my misinterpretation of my own feelings was likely going to cost me everything.
    “What’s up?” Trevor purred, whispering in my ear and blowing every thought out of my mind instantly. His lips moved from my ear to my neck.
    “I thought you were sleeping,” I whispered.
    “How can I sleep with such a delicious woman beside me?” he mumbled into my neck.
    I raised my chin to give him better access to the part at my throat. He took advantage of the opening and sent tingles rushing all through me as his lips did their magic on my skin.
    “I’m not going to be able to sleep if you keep that up,” I murmured.
    “Were you wanting to sleep?” He stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes; his own were twinkling devilishly. “You want me to stop?”
    “You can keep going for a little bit,” I lied. I was okay with him continuing for as long as he wanted, especially after his lips made their way down my neck and found my nipples. They sprang to life in response to his attention to them. They weren’t the only thing that was coming to life, either. I felt something very hard brush against my thigh, just above my knee. I was hoping that it was heading a little bit further north. Much to my delight, it did and I felt him fill me up once more. My guilt could wait.

Chapter Twenty: TNT
    The time with Leila in San Jose had gotten me thinking. I’d grown more and more uncomfortable with the work that Bulldog had me doing. It was starting to be a great deal more dangerous and with him being pissed off at me for whatever reason, and it was only a matter of time before he set me up to take the fall for him or sent enough goons to take me out. And I was thinking about her.
    I hadn’t really given a damn before. There had always been another party to go to and another woman to bed. There was always more money, more booze and more sex waiting for me just around the next corner. I was losing interest in all of that since Leila had come into my life. I kept doing the part of my job that was easy: collecting the cash that was picked by me or others and laundering it through the casino. Even that had lost its luster.
    I’d been sitting for several hours and it was about time for a break. I parked my bike along a deserted road and got off to stretch my legs. I’d strolled about 20 feet and was about to turn back when I saw the dark sedan coming down the road toward me. I stretched my back, arms and shoulders and rolled my neck around while I waited.
    “Get in, have a seat,” the man wearing dark shades said when he pulled up in front of me.
    “That’s alright, I’ve been sitting for quite a while,” I responded.
    “Suit yourself,” he replied.
    “So?” I said after a long pause. I’d been waiting for him to start, but it seemed that he either didn’t have anything to say or didn’t know how to say it.
    “I need a little something to make my mouth work right.”
    I unzipped

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