Matters of Circumstance

Matters of Circumstance by Ashley Andrews

Book: Matters of Circumstance by Ashley Andrews Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ashley Andrews
    “Then I don’t have speakers.”
    At first he was taken aback, and then he laughed. “Have I ever told you how awesome it is that you put up with that most of the time?” he said, but she couldn’t tell if he was joking.
    Just in case, Farrah spoke with what she hoped was equal ambiguity as she retrieved her own books, “I could probably stand to hear that more often.”
    He laughed again as he took out his own pair of speakers. Why he had asked for hers was a mystery. “Okay, I’ll DJ then.”
    “Sounds like a plan.” She dug out a mechanical pencil and started on her English homework as he got I’m Blue by Eiffel 65 to start playing. That was what made her look up, torn between a smirk and incredulity. “This song? Really?”
    “Oh come on, Fare, it’s classic. This song never gets old.”
    She let out a strange giggle and shook her head. “I can’t believe you still have I’m Blue —have you kept all your NOW CDs, too?”
    Neal flashed a winning smile. “As a matter of fact, I have. Isn’t that sexy?” And he nudged her with his elbow.
    She couldn’t keep herself from laughing a second time as she said, “Oh yes, Neal, that is absolutely the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.”
    “I knew you’d say that.”
    She pushed at him. “Stop breaking my concentration! I have work to do!”
    “Aw, look at you, getting all distracted by a boy—do I make you flustered, too?”
    They did eventually manage to get their homework done (always a hassle, that homework), and at that point Farrah had to start something for dinner.
    “What do you want to eat?” she asked, standing in the middle of the kitchen and not feeling any sudden inspiration to make anything.
    “Something you can cook.”
    Farrah frowned over at him. “Just name something. You’re my guest.”
    “I don’t care, I’m telling you. I’ll eat whatever.”
    She let out a long-suffering sigh and opened the refrigerator to see what sort of dinner foods it could be hiding. “Well, we seem to have a plethora of chicken—how does that sound?” she said.
    “Like a plethora of awesome?”
    That was good enough for her. Pulling out the chicken and setting it on the counter, Farrah pushed up her sleeves and went over to the sink to wash her hands. “It feels wrong to make your guest help you cook,” she said to nobody in particular.
    Despite her comments, he was already washing his hands. “Yeah,” he said. “But if I don’t help I’ll get bored, and is that a good thing to do to your visitors?”
    She had to admit, “I’m damned either way, as far as etiquette is concerned.” And she tossed him the towel she had dried her hands on and began un-packaging the chicken.
    “Exactly, so who needs it?” he said, putting the towel back. “What can I do?”
    “Get eggs, ham and mozzarella out of the fridge. I think we’ll make chicken cordon bleu.”
    “Ooh, sounds fancy,” he hummed as he did followed her instructions. “Hey, if I were ham where would I be?”
    “Probably in the upper right-hand drawer.” Then she reflected, “It does sound high class, doesn’t it?”
    “You bet.” Neal placed the ingredients next to the chicken. “Now what? Flour? Bread crumbs?”
    “Oh yeah.” She got the bread crumbs out of the pantry, and also fetched a bowl from a cabinet.
    And things just went on from there, with much laughs and conversation to pass the time. If asked later Farrah would not be able to say what it was they spoke of, specifically, but she could remember that it was pleasant and fun, that it felt perfectly natural to work with Neal.
    Cordon bleu wasn’t a hard thing to make either, despite the fancy-sounding name, so they finished it fairly quickly and retreated into the living room again. “Mom and Dad can make something to go with it,” she said as she scouted for a remote and flipped the TV on. “Anything you like watching?”
    “Not really,” said Neal, settling next to her in a way that made

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