Material Girl 3: Secrets & Betrayals
    “But this time it’s just not him. It’s your sister as well. I’m honestly just over the entire situation. I have been mentally fucked today. I just wanna lie down and go to sleep.”
    “I know baby.” Angel kissed her again.
    “I’m sorry you’re in pain and if it was up to me I would take it all away. Like straight up, what my sister did was hella fucked up. I can’t believe she even did that shit but we can’t let her fuck up what we got. We’ve been through too much shit already and I ain’t letting shit come between us. You my baby and I love you.” He rocked her back and forth.
    “I love you too.” Dylan squeezed him tight and closed her eyes.
    She wanted more than anything to wish the day away. She wished the accident would have never happened, that Kyrese would’ve never been hurt, that her over ten year friendship wasn’t over and that her heart wouldn’t have gotten stepped on with six inch stilettos. Everything was fucked up. Drake was right. Nothing would ever be the same. The dynamic of her life was ruined and deep within Dylan’s heart she knew that things were only going to get worse.
    It had been days since Billie had really ate or slept. She hadn’t left the hospital except once and that was only for little over an hour just so she could shower and dress. She spent every waking moment at the hospital with Kyrese. Every day and every night she sat by his side watching over him and praying that he woke up. He was breathing on his own but he still hadn’t opened his eyes. Her body ached from hardly eating. She felt delirious for not sleeping but none of that mattered to her.
    She would trade food and sleep any day just for the gift of Kyrese opening his eyes and calling out her name. But he hadn’t and every day another piece of her died. Billie was dying. All she had was herself, really. Tee-Tee, Angel and her mother were the only people worried about her well being. She hadn’t heard from Dylan. It hurt like hell to not hear from her but Billie knew that Angel was keeping her updated on Kyrese’s condition.
    She needed her friend desperately but she understood that she’d done Dylan wrong. Time had to pass before she reached out to her and tried to make things right. No amount of sorry was going to fix it right then. Time would be the only thing to heal the wound. When Cain came to the hospital to visit Kyrese, he didn’t speak one single word to her. He acted as if she didn’t even exist.
    Billie, ironically welcomed him acting like she was invisible. What was she honestly going to say to him anyway? She’d destroyed the mans’ life. It was the same with Knox when he came to the hospital. Billie hadn’t even really been talking to her own husband. Conversations between them were awkward and strained. When Knox wasn’t at the hospital with her, he was at home with the girls.
    On that particular day he’d come to bring her lunch and for over two hours they’d sat in silence. Billie sat reading a stack of magazines while Knox sat asleep in a chair. Neither one of them wanted to be the one to say it but their marriage was doomed. The trust had been broken. Knox no longer looked at her the same. She was a complete and utter stranger to him now.
    He’d never in a million years think that she’d do something so cruel to so many people she so called loved. The fact that she could so easily with hold the truth for so long frighten him. Knox awoke from his nap and glared at his watch. It was almost time for the girls to get out of school.
    “I’m getting ready to go.” He cleared his throat while rubbing his eyes.
    “Okay.” Billie looked up from that month’s issue of Vogue magazine. “Tell the girls I love them and that I’ll be home tonight to put them to bed.”
    “Alright.” Knox stood up and stretched.
    “Thank you again for helping me with the girls.”
    “No problem.” Knox walked to the door.
    Normally, he would’ve kissed Billie goodbye but

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