Lucifer (Book 3, The Redemption Series)

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Book: Lucifer (Book 3, The Redemption Series) by S.J. West Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.J. West
remembering the day he married my mother, and it was causing them both a lot of pain. I wanted to try and talk some sense into him.”
    “ Lucifer is as stubborn as Heaven is infinite,” Jess tells me with a heavy sigh. “I think one of the only reasons Amalie was able to make him admit his feelings for her was because she was even more stubborn than he was.”
    “ Jess, Malcolm told me that you tried to help Lucifer ask for forgiveness once. Why do you think he didn't? What stopped him?”
    “ Lucifer doesn't like to admit his faults; no one does really, but him least of all. He thinks that if he admits he's been wrong all this time, everything he's done, everything he’s given up will have been for nothing. His legacy would mark him as a failure, and for Lucifer, I think he would rather die than do that.”
    “ You were the only true human he ever felt connected to. Do you think it was just because you were Michael's vessel?”
    “ I've always believed that it was me he cared for,” Jess says. “Having Michael's spirit inside me might have drawn him to me in the beginning, but it was Jess he always came to talk to. I think I was the only human he ever tried to get to know. After we got close, I think he began to doubt what he's always believed about humans. Realizing that you were wrong is hard for anybody. But, for Lucifer, I think it made him begin to doubt himself in a way that he never had before.”
    “ He just tried to justify what he feels for me and my mother by saying we weren't completely human.”
    “ He'll do and say anything to make sure he doesn't have to admit he was wrong. My best advice to you is...don't push him. He has to go to God of his own free will or it means nothing.”
    “ That's pretty much what he told me,” I say. “But how can I make him want to do that willingly?”
    “ You can't,” Jess says sympathetically. “I know how much you want to help your parents, Anna, but, all you can do is be there for Lucifer if he decides to go to his father. He's the only one who can change his fate.”
    “ Not if Helena has anything to say about it,” I grumble.
    “ Helena?” Jess asks. “Oh my god... has Hell given itself a name?”
    “ And a body,” I tell her. “A beautiful one but still really creepy.”
    “ Hell, Helena, whatever the bitch wants to call herself, I don't care. You stay away from it. You need to stop thinking these little trips to Hell are like going down to the store or something. It's not. That place wants to consume you, Anna. It's hungry for power, and you are becoming extremely powerful. We all feel it.”
    “ You feel it?” I ask, puzzled by this revelation. “What do you feel?”
    “ There's an energy surrounding you that none of us have experienced before,” Jess tells me, looking me up and down. “And your aura is becoming...darker. We used to be able to see you on Earth because your light was so bright. We still can to an extent but ... it's like you're pulling away from us somehow. It's kind of hard for me to explain.”
    “ I think I sort of understand,” I say. “I think it's one reason why Will had such a hard time reviving me the last time I died.”
    “ It could be,” Jess agrees. “Normally, the soul of the descendant comes to Heaven for a short period of time when they die on Earth.”
    “ Really?” I ask. “I guess that makes sense. I just never thought about it before. So, the last time I died my soul didn't make it up here?”
    Jess shakes her head. “No, it didn't.”
    “ Where did I go?”
    “ I don't know, sweetie,” Jess says, sounding completely baffled. “Will wasn't even sure. He said it was like you were being hidden from him. That's why it took so long for him to finally pull you back.”
    “ That's kind of scary, actually,” I say, my heart racing after learning this new information.
    “ Well, why don’t you just try to stay alive down there, ok?”
    I nod. “Yes, ma'am, I will do my best.”
    Jess smiles and

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