Lucifer (Book 3, The Redemption Series)

Lucifer (Book 3, The Redemption Series) by S.J. West

Book: Lucifer (Book 3, The Redemption Series) by S.J. West Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.J. West
instead of simply reliving these old memories?”
    “ I would give anything to be with her again.”
    “ Then you know what you have to do.”
    “ You make it sound so simple, Anna. But to receive true forgiveness, you have to mean it. You can’t exactly fool God.”
    “ Why is asking for forgiveness so hard for you to do? Why do you continue to hold a grudge against God?”
    “ Because I still think humans are just little monkeys he loves more than his angels. Even if I told him otherwise, he would know it was a lie.”
    “ After all this time, you still hate humanity?”
    “ Yes.”
    “ God doesn’t love humans more than angels,” I tell him. “He loves us all equally. Why can’t you see that?”
    “ Because it’s not true. Why can’t you see that ?” Lucifer counters.
    “ You’re smart, but completely blind,” I tell him. “Why do you think he sent my mother to you?”
    “ So I would have to live the rest of my days in this torture.”
    “ And why do you think he sent me here?”
    “ To rub salt in an already open wound and make me pay for the things that I’ve done.”
    “ You’re so wrong on so many levels,” I say. “Can’t you see that everything he’s done has been to bring you back to Him? My mother was meant to show you the beauty in humanity. You can’t sit there and tell me she didn’t mean the world to you. Would you call her a monkey? Does she deserve to be called an animal? Do you think of me as a monkey too?”
    “ You’re different,” he defends. “You’re my daughter and a descendant of Michael. You’re not completely human, Anna. Neither was your mother.”
    “ If that’s the way you want to justify your feelings for us, I guess there’s really nothing else I can say that will change your mind, but I’m more human than you might want to believe. I have human frailties and insecurities. I might be more powerful than most because of who my ancestors were, but my humanity is what gives me the strength to carry on. It’s what makes me special.”
    I stand up.
    “I’m marrying Malcolm today,” I tell him. “I would like for you to come to the wedding.”
    Lucifer’s head jerks up as he looks at me in surprise. “Why would you want me there? You know I don’t approve of you marrying that mongrel.”
    “ Because you’re my father,” I tell him, calling him by his true position in my life. “And you should be there on the most important day of my life to wish me luck despite your misguided opinion.”
    “ And what if I just come to try and talk some sense into you?”
    “ There’s nothing you could say that would change my mind about marrying Malcolm. It’s what we are meant to do. It’s the one thing in the mess that my life has become that makes sense.”
    Lucifer stands up. “And what if I can prove to you that this wedding shouldn’t happen?”
    “ There’s nothing you can say or do that will stop it.”
    “ Nothing I can say…” Lucifer says, mulling my words over in his mind. “Fine. Then I’ll just have to figure out a way to make you see reason.”
    Lucifer phases and I see his phase trail leads directly to the palace in Cirrus.
    His choice of destination worries me. Why would he go there? What proof does he hope to find that will make me call off the wedding?

Chapter 7
    I phase back to Heaven, hoping no one noticed that I left.
    Of course, someone did...
    Jess is leaned up against the porch railing with her head bowed slightly as if she's deep in thought. When I appear, she looks up at me and slowly begins to shake her head in disappointment.
    “ Why would you go there, Anna?” She asks, clearly thinking I won’t give her a good enough explanation for my trip to Hell.
    “ How do you know where I went?” I ask.
    “ There’s only one phase trail that looks completely black. Now answer my question.”
    “ I needed to see Lucifer,” I tell her, suddenly feeling guilty for my little trip given Jess’ obvious disapproval. “He was

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