Love Uncovered (Forbidden Fruit)

Love Uncovered (Forbidden Fruit) by Evelyn Adams

Book: Love Uncovered (Forbidden Fruit) by Evelyn Adams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Evelyn Adams
    Max slammed the hatch a little harder than necessary and sighed. Car packed – done. Now he could look forward to a five hour drive with his family either whining, plugged into something, or some combination of both. Then a fun filled week with the in-laws at their cabin by the lake.
    Alan, his father-in-law, would tell the same stories he’d listened to for the past sixteen s ummers and then spend the afternoon dragging him around the lake in the john boat talking about golf or the market and giving him fishing tips. If Max was lucky, he’d wait to start the third beer until they were off the water. Alan could nap in a beer soaked sun drenched heap on the deck and no one would get wet. Unless Carol sloshed her Big Gulp wine cooler. His normally so appropriate mother-in-law kept her cup filled the entire time they were at the lake.
    God, it sounded harsh even in his head. They weren’t that bad. They only really drank at the cabin. It’s not like they were drunks – just well lubricated. He loved them – had loved them for almost as long as he’d loved Julie, his wife. He was just being pissy.
    He didn’t want to spend his whole vacation playing Clark Griswold.
    They’d gone on this little adventure ever since before they were married. To call it a vacation implied relaxation. With three kids, tipsy in-laws and a wife strung so tight she made her own high wire he didn’t see much relaxing in his future.
    His gaze landed on the spinner rod still in its packaging tucked in the back of the car, and he smiled. It was Jake’s; the one he’d gotten for his sixth birthday and hadn’t had a chance to try yet. It wouldn’t be all tiresome. He’d get to fish with his son. The girls might still come, too. Although Emily had been too cool for it last year, Amanda was only twelve. She might still be willing to spend time on the lake with her dad. And maybe this year he and Julie could sneak off for some time alone together.
    The kids might behave. His wife might relax, and if the lack of privacy meant no sex, well that wasn’t so different from being at home.
    He ran a hand through his wavy, almost black hair, blew out a breath and turned to go rally the troops.
    “Son of a …” Julie caught herself before the last word slipped out. She almost never cursed, especially not in front of the kids, but she’d cracked her head on the bottom of the table looking for Jake’s other shoe. God, it hurt. She leaned back on her heels and took a slow, deep breath.
    As soon as her eyes closed, she felt exhaustion trying to drag her under. She’d been packing for three days, trying to make sure five people had everything they needed for ten days away from civilization.
    Her parent’s cabin sat on a mountain lake in the middle of nowhere. AJ’s Market was the nearest store, and it was over an hour’s drive from the cabin on rutted, gravel roads. Once they arrived, there would be no popping out for a dozen eggs or a forgotten toothbrush.
    Max packed his own clothes, of course, but she still had to make sure everything was washed and pack everything else. Clothes and toiletries for four. Food for seven. Books, games, batteries and chargers for tablets, cell phones and a myriad other electronic devices her family couldn’t seem to live without.
    Thank God for the cabin’s generator. Her dad only ran it for a couple of hours to heat and run the water, but it would save her from having to spend the kids’ college funds on batteries.
    It was a lot different than the way they’d travelled when they first started coming to the cabin. Then it had been just the two of them on the back of his motorcycle. Clean t-shirts, underwear and toothbrushes in the saddle bag.
    They’d been so into each other. They spent the whole trip , including the drive there, looking for places to sneak off and make love. Tucked in the trees alongside the road, in the boat nestled in a hidden cove, and her favorite – after dark, naked in the lake

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