Love Notes and Football
thinks it’s time for him to settle down. He doesn’t want to be strong-armed into domesticity, even if he does feel the bachelor lifestyle is starting to wear thin. So when his friend invites him to do a pictorial on the community theater, Antonio’s prepared to do his thing and follow his normal womanizing M. O. Instead, he finds himself sparring with the resident artist, Lucy Marceloni. Lucy’s dime-store analysis of his love life—and him—leaves him angry and shaken, but it’s too close to the truth to dismiss. The quirky artist is not his type, but their passionate fights generate a deeper heat between them he can’t ignore…
    Lucy wants a man who’s sensitive and intellectual, the exact opposite of Antonio De Soto. The moment she meets the handsome photographer she pegs him as arrogant and self-centered, but that doesn’t protect her from the sizzling chemistry between the two of them. Being drawn to the rogue’s charm and subtle seduction tactics is the last thing she wants. Working with him on the community theater fairytale production could prove to be more than she can handle...
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    Star Crossed
    Rhonda Laurel
    When Hollywood’s sexiest secret explodes, stars are born.
    Music mogul Kate Garrison’s husband is a leading Hollywood director. He also happens to be a cheat. When he’s caught having an affair with an actress, Kate becomes the talk of the town—and not in a good way. So when she stumbles into Hollywood’s new golden boy, Chris Cavanaugh—in the men’s room, of all places—the gossip mill starts working overtime. Especially since Chris is starring in her husband’s next film.
    Chris Cavanaugh couldn’t imagine a woman would have such an effect on his life. But amid the gossip and Hollywood politics, his only option is to ride out the media storm and play house. He never expects to actually fall for her, but when illusion begins to look more and more like reality, Chris has his hands full keeping his career intact and his eye on the target of making the Hollywood A-list. So why does spending time with Kate suddenly seem more important?
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    “Masquerade” Halloween Heat IV
    Rhonda Laurel
    An Anthology of Erotic Contemporary Romance
    Four erotic stories of contemporary romance with just the right amount of Halloween spice to warm up those cool autumn nights.
    “Party Games” by Mina Carter
    “Punished by the Cowboy” by Sue Lyndon
    “Unmasked” by Brooklyn Wilde
    “Masquerade” by Rhonda Laurel
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~ More Romance from Etopia Press ~

    Dragon Ugly
    Dragon New Year Book Two
    Selena Illyria
    Can a dragon shifter give more than just hot sex?
    After Brent’s New Year’s fling with his friends Fletcher and Tor—and Tor’s mate Louisa—Brent is determined to find his own mate. His dragon wants him to find their mate, too, and if Brent doesn’t find a way to locate her soon, his dragon will take matters into his own talons. And that could spell trouble.
    Wolf shifter Carissa has no desire to live up to her wild musician mother and artistic father’s vision of free love and sex parties. She’s buried her sexual desires and focused on building up her aromatherapy store, Scentify, no distractions allowed. Until she meets Brent. The sexy dragon shifter makes her burn with suppressed need. The only problem? His dragon wants Carissa, too. And pursuing the dominant dragon would be playing with fire.
    Giving in to his dragon saps Brent of his focus and energy. Things are turning ugly—dragon ugly. How can he bond with his mate when his dragon only wants sex?
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