Love Is Crazy (Love Is… #1)

Love Is Crazy (Love Is… #1) by Abby Brooks

Book: Love Is Crazy (Love Is… #1) by Abby Brooks Read Free Book Online
Authors: Abby Brooks
    Jeremy grabs my arms and pulls me forward, leaning in with his sausage lips open and heading right for my mouth. I turn my head and squeeze my eyes shut so he just gets a mouthful of my hair, but that doesn’t deter him. Oh no. He’s got my arms and he’s not letting go, pulling even harder. I plant my feet and try to pull away but damn, he’s strong. My ribs and hipbones dig into the hard wood of the bar. I hear the clink of ice against glass as we bump into his drink and then the twinkling of shattered glass as I struggle and knock it right to the ground.
    I shriek just in time for Jeremy to be pulled off me by some good Samaritan in the crowd. Off balance, I stagger back and almost fall right on my ass, but manage to catch myself against the wall of booze behind me. There’s a struggle and a scuffle and the energy of the crowd goes from good-natured fun, to angry mob in a heartbeat.
    Jeremy is locked in some kind of strangle hold, struggling, his big eyes even bigger, wide and rolling with adrenaline.
    “Settle down, asshole.”
    I know that voice. Excitement surges through me at the sound of it. Dominic. Dominic is the guy who saved me from being assaulted.
    Jeremy obeys Dominic’s command and stops struggling.
    “You in control?” asks Dominic, his voice low and in powerful. The warning rattle of a snake. The growl of a bear. “Because I’m going to let you go now and you’re just going to stay right where you are. Understood?”
    Jeremy nods frantically, the whites of his eyes almost glowing in the dim light of the bar. The crowd is silent and The Fish still has the camera trained on his friend. Dominic doesn’t let him go, but turns his attention to me.
    “You okay if I release him?” he asks, his voice softening, his eyes seeking out mine.
    I nod. “Yeah, I’m good.” My hands are shaking, but my voice isn’t, so at least there’s that.
    Dominic steps away from Jeremy. “Apologize.” His voice is all pointed again. Wicked.
    Jeremy mumbles an apology and leaves, his pride battered and his friend still recording it all. There’s a rush of energy as attention turns to me. So many people are crowding in towards the bar, asking if I’m okay, retelling the story to their friends who just watched the whole thing, cell phones out and aimed my way. The shelf on the back wall presses into my back and I realize that I’m recoiling, arms wrapped around my chest.
    “Give her some space,” orders Dominic. He makes his way behind the bar and wraps me up in his arms. “You okay for real?” he whispers into my hair.
    I nod, not quite trusting my voice. I hate to be one of those women who dissolves into nervous tears after something like this, but it looks like that’s exactly what I’m about to do. “I’m sorry,” I say, preemptively apologizing for the scene I might make in a few seconds.
    “Don’t you dare apologize.” He drapes his arm around my shoulder and pulls me in close. Leads me to a stool at the end of the bar, far away from any people and pours me a drink.
    “You shouldn’t be back there,” I say, voice strong. No quaver.
    “Says who?”
    “Says Big Jake, the owner.”
    Dominic makes a show of looking around. “Not only is Big Jake not here, but he wasn’t around when his most famous bartender of all time got assaulted on the job. I think this Big Jake has a lot more to worry about than me behind the bar, pouring you a shot of vodka.”
    He hands me the shot and I throw it back. I prefer mixed drinks, but I’m not feeling picky tonight. The quaking feeling in my hands and stomach goes away and when Dominic pours me another shot, I throw that one back, too. He sits next to me. Holds my hands in his and inspects me for any damage. There’s an angry red mark on my arm that’s sure to bruise. A scrape on my hip. But all in all, I’m okay.
    “I should have hit that guy,” says Dominic, his finger running gently across the mark on my arm.
    “I wouldn’t have minded.

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