Lost Paradise
    Danial moved into position behind me, then
came the soft sound of liquid noises as he applied lubricant.
Carefully, he eased inside me as I held as still as I could, Devlin
twitching under my body as he watched us. Finally, he was also
inside me fully.
    “Ready,” Danial said softly.
    “Now,” Devlin said, the words tortured in
sweet agony.
    Slowly and deliberately, they began to move
as one.
    I went weak almost instantly from the new
incredible sensation, my jaw going slack.
    Devlin eased me down on him without breaking
rhythm, holding me close. “You feel so good, Sar!” he groaned,
rough with need. “So good around me.”
    “Oh, Sar, you do,” Danial cried out, each
word guttural with raw ecstasy. “You’re so tight for me, my love,
so wonderfully tight. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt.”
    Both of them trailed off into moans as they
fought not to break their rhythm, their hands suddenly clutching me
tight. Danial held me by the hips, thrusting into me on his knees.
Devlin held me at my waist and shoulders, still thrusting into me
in time with Danial.
    I let out cry after cry, my ability to form
rational words gone.
    “Tell us we feel good to you, Love,” Devlin
whispered seductively. “Tell us how much you want us there within
you, together.”
    I found my voice. “Yes,” I groaned. “God,
yes! Just like this, to feel you both. Please, don’t stop,
    “We don’t intend to,” Devlin purred. “Take as
long as you want, Love.”
    Wave after wave of pleasure hit me as they
made love to me in slow strokes. As much as I wanted the bliss to
last, the wave we were riding was already cresting, turning, ready
to break over us.
    Danial began to shake. He was close. I was
close, too. Just a little more…
    “Hold on,” Devlin ordered. “Just a few more
    Danial groaned, slowing slightly, still
stroking me.
    Devlin speeded up suddenly. A second later
Danial did also, than leaned into me. The weight of him pushed
Devlin that much deeper into me, grinding my hips against his. My
climax was immediate, all-consuming, flooding over me, making me
scream raggedly over and over as I spasmed around them both,
digging my fingers into Devlin’s chest.
    At my first scream, Danial bit into the right
side of my neck and Devlin the left side, as they had done years
ago. Both began drinking from me, sighing in pleasure. In the next
instant, Danial and Devlin both bore down, thrusting into me
deeply. I felt them both come, jerking hard, their cries of ecstasy
    As they finished, Danial slipped his fangs
out with a last grunt, then held his lips to my neck for a second
before he collapsed on me, still jerking. Quickly, Devlin slipped
out and eased me to the right side of him and moved Danial off to
the other side. We were all gasping in air, trying to control our
still shuddering bodies.
    As my panting eased, Devlin sat up, and
pulled me close, healing the bite marks. “They aren’t deep, Love,
but it pays to be careful.” He looked them over. “All set.”
    Lying back down, Devlin held me gently,
Danial again spooning me from behind. “Now that was what I had in
mind,” Devlin said contentedly. “How about you, Sar?”
    I didn’t reply. I was too busy still trying
to get my mind around what we had done.
    “You were right,” Danial said contentedly.
“Being with her like that with you was wonderful. It was more than
wonderful; it was ecstasy.”
    “I told you decades ago to try it with me,”
Devlin said richly, laughing. “But no, you—”
    “Maybe I should’ve listened,” Danial
admitted, kissing me. “But maybe not. This felt as good as it did
because it was her, Dev; because I love her.”
    “I know,” Devlin said tenderly as he looked
over at Danial and I. “I feel the same. I have done this before
many times in my life. It never felt as good before as it did
    “I love you, Sar,” Danial whispered
    “We love you, Oathed One,”

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