while also urging him to claim her. Now. Right this second she needed to belong to them before anyone could take her from them.
    The word repeated in his mind with every step.
    Now. Now. Now…
    The splatter of water on tile reached him, the sounds vibrating the air and telling him that Dylan had done as they’d planned. The cool liquid was now warming for them.
    Them. If Lorelei thought they’d leave her alone, she was in for a big surprise. Now that anger was leaving him, overwhelming need was sliding into its place. The wolf scratched and scraped at Zeke’s skin, demanding he dispense with the sweet words and soft touches.
    Now. Now. Now…
    The heat of the shower reached out to them the moment he and Lorelei crossed the threshold. Crossed it and were met with a bare-chested Dylan. The man’s pants were tented, telling him that his friend was in the same shape as Zeke. At least he wasn’t the only one hurting.
    Dylan approached and brushed his lips over Lorelei’s mouth, returning to deepen their kiss for a moment before he backed away. “Let’s get you undressed, sweet. Can’t wait to peel away all these layers and taste your skin.” His partner kissed her again. “And that delicious pussy. You’ve been teasing us with that scent and I want to lap you up.”
    Lorelei shuddered and Zeke smiled. It seemed their sexy mate got off on a little dirty talk as well. If she enjoyed hearing about everything they wanted to do to her, he was more than happy to share.
    “C’mon, baby. Let’s get you stripped and into the shower,” he murmured, and padded to the counter.
    After gently placing her on the counter, he reached for the buttons on her shirt. A flush turned her pale skin pink and he sensed her embarrassment.
    One button gave way to two, which gave way to three and four, exposing more of her lush body with each movement.
    “Damn,” he sucked in a harsh breath and fought off his own release. “You’re so fucking beautiful. Look at these pretties.” He undid a few more fasteners and then her lace covered breasts were bared to him. “Do you see how hard her little nipples are, D?”
    Zeke reached into her shirt, cupping the mounds and squeezing gently. Her nips were firm against his palms and he shifted his touch to lightly pinch the nubs. At her moan, he knew his little mate enjoyed that tiny bite.
    “See how much she wants this, D.”
    “Damn, sweet.” Dylan’s voice was husky.
    “Please?” she whimpered.
    “She wants more, Z. Give our mate what she wants.” With Dylan’s words, Lorelei shuddered anew.
    “Gladly.” Zeke grinned. “What do you want, baby? Do you want me to suck these nipples, strip you bare and eat that pussy?”
    Another whimper and she finally spoke. “Wanna see you both. Want you to touch me. Want to touch you.”
    “Oh, we’re always happy to do that.” Zeke got back to her buttons. “D, finish stripping for our mate while I get my taste.”
    He noted his friend’s movements and the fact that Dylan was putting on a show for Lorelei. While his partner gave her visual stimulation, Zeke went for a more physical approach. He finally parted her shirt, brushing the sides aside giving him full view of her.
    “Damn, baby,” he whispered and reached for her. It was easy work to divest her of her bra, the silk and lace falling away to reveal the pale globes.
    Zeke let his attention drift to her face, and he was floored by the trust and need written in her features. “We’re gonna take care of you so good, baby.”
    It was a promise to both her and himself.
    He didn’t hesitate to love on her breasts. He licked and nipped, enjoying each sound that escaped her mouth. When he sucked hard, she rocked her hips as if searching for more stimulation. She’d get plenty and hopefully sooner rather than later. Especially considering his cock was ready to burst.
    He nibbled the nub and he smiled when she fisted his strands, holding him steady while she arched closer. Yes, their mate

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