Letters to Penthouse XXXII

Letters to Penthouse XXXII by Penthouse International

Book: Letters to Penthouse XXXII by Penthouse International Read Free Book Online
Authors: Penthouse International
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the next, while she twirled
     it expertly. From experience, I knew she was wielding the whip in figure eights. I’d seen her practice these motions and knew
     it was a sight to behold. I was grateful for my bonds, as they let me absorb her blows without causing her to miss her target.
    “Count to fourteen,” she ordered, another reference to my failure to meet the holiday’s standards. She flogged each ass cheek
     fourteen times, while I said each number, followed by, “Thank you, Mistress.” She dropped the flogger by my feet when she
     was done and pressed her body up against mine. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and I moaned.
    “What do you have to say for yourself, slave?” she asked.
    “I’m sorry, Dorothea. I should have known better and been more prepared. You deserve better, especially on Valentine’s Day.
     I’ll do anything to make it up to you,” I said in apology.
    “Indeed you will,” she said, taking her hand off my cock in order to release me. “Now lie down on thefloor!” Her voice retained its edge, even though we were about to fuck. We have a standing joke about which positions we like—I
     love being on top, and so does she. Most of the time, however, we do it her way, and if I’m being punished, I’m always on
     the bottom. But on my birthday and special occasions, she’ll let me climb on top of her and slam my cock inside her. Since
     she outweighs me by thirty pounds, when she’s above me she can push my hips down and keep me in place—not that I really mind,
     because it turns me on to please her.
    I lay down, shaking with excitement at finally coming close to my beloved’s pussy. She roughly got on top of me and sank down
     onto me, holding the base of my cock and moving around, as if I were nothing more than a sex toy to her. I know I’m more than
     that, but we both like it when she occasionally acts like I’m not. No matter what, fucking her feels amazing and knowing that
     she was getting off because of my cock provoked me, too. “Don’t come until I do!” she barked, her eyes shut as she focused
     intently on her own pleasure. I didn’t say a word. I simply lay back and enjoyed the feel of her pussy clutching my dick tightly,
     until I heard her breath start to come in fast little pants. Her cunt got tighter and tighter, until I felt a rush of wetness
     surround me. “Okay,” she said quietly, and I bucked up into her. It only took a few humps before I was shooting my hot come
     deep into her hole. We shared a look of passion as we recovered.
    Then she immediately snapped back into her dominant role. “I expect you to make this up to me tomorrow,” she said before rising
     and heading to take a bath—alone.
    The next night I went all out, getting an extremely expensive package of truffles, mints, solid chocolate, and assorted treats.
     I even got her some chocolate-covered strawberries—nothing is too good for my wife. I presented the package to her and she
     regally accepted it, opening the boxes and savoring a piece from each. I looked on with my mouth watering. I was hungry for
     chocolate—and her. But instead of sharing her bounty, she closed the boxes and locked them in her desk drawer. “Next year,
     if you get me my gift on time, I’ll share them with you,” she said. Dorothea did, however, let me taste her sweet pussy, and
     I consider that more than a fair trade-off. I’m lucky to have such a demanding wife, and I will do everything I can to serve
     her faithfully in the future.
    —Mr. Floyd S., Washington, D.C.
Chills and Thrills for a Cranky Gal on a Sweltering Indian Summer Night
    Summer wouldn’t seem to leave this year. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sunshine as much as the next girl, but after a sweltering
     July and equally brutal August, I was ready to move to the Antarctic. And then,just when I thought the haven of a crisp autumn was approaching, Indian summer swooped into town.
    My boyfriend, Will, came over to visit

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