Leopard's Spots 2: Oscar

Leopard's Spots 2: Oscar by Bailey Bradford

Book: Leopard's Spots 2: Oscar by Bailey Bradford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bailey Bradford
Tags: mm
beast didn’t have a problem rolling belly up for Oscar.
    Ass up , rather. And Oscar was still buried in him, dick and teeth, and the latter of those two was beginning to hurt in a way that really wasn’t enjoyable at all.
    “Os…Oscar,” Josiah had to really work his throat to get any words out. He felt like he’d swallowed a whole desert. “Oscar!” Josiah sent a mental push with it, and Oscar roused, humming against his skin and swivelling his hips in a way that set off tiny sparks of pleasure in Josiah’s ass. Even only semi-hard, Oscar’s cock was rubbing his prostate just enough to threaten to turn Josiah into a blabbering fool.
    The pain in his shoulder went from moderate to damn near agonising when Oscar withdrew his teeth, but Josiah quivered inside, partly because he still enjoyed the pain even though it made his head swim.
    “You okay?” Oscar asked, his voice slurred. He made a lewd sound, a slurp that set the fire of arousal to Josiah’s balls. Josiah clenched his ass around Oscar’s dick and was rewarded with a strangled gasp. “Jesus flipping—Jo! You’re gonna kill me doing that!”
    Josiah started to chuckle, but Oscar pulled his cock out and it caused more than a twinge in Josiah’s backside. He felt the warm trickle of Oscar’s seed running down the back of his balls. Josiah’s started to moan at the sensation, the beginnings of arousal threatening to come back to life. Oscar doused it quickly, shoving Josiah down and turning his moan into a yelp.
    “Fuck, Josiah! Look what I did—”
    Oscar’s voice broke and Josiah tried to roll over, but Oscar planted a hand between his shoulder blades. Short of throwing him off, Josiah couldn’t really move. He craned his head until he could see Oscar’s pained expression.
    “It’s fine, Oz. Did you hear me ask you to stop? Feel me fighting you off?” Josiah snorted. “You could have torn right through my neck and I’d have loved it.”
    Oscar shoved himself up, using the hand on Josiah’s back to do so and pushing the air out of his lungs. “Don’t say that! There’s fucking nothing sexy about ripping out someone’s throat!”
    Josiah rolled over onto his side, startled and worried as Oscar kept yelling.
    “And don’t compare what I did then, with you, to something like murder! I don’t care what anyone says about an orgasm being a little death or whatever.” Oscar slammed his fist against the wall, punching a hole right through to the insulation. “Fuck!”
    Oscar stood there, staring at his hand surrounded by cracked drywall. He looked lost, scared, and so young it broke Josiah’s heart. Almost as much as Oscar’s words had, because Josiah wasn’t stupid. He remembered what the Tavares’ brothers had said about someone killing Albert, and he suspected that was why Oscar had been guarding his thoughts very carefully.
    Josiah had known from the first time he’d looked into Oscar’s eyes that the younger man was wounded. He wouldn’t have guessed then that the pain he saw was caused by Oscar having taken someone’s life. What Josiah did know now was, Oscar would never have done so had it not been necessary.
    Josiah slid off the bed, ignoring the pain radiating up from his ass and down from his shoulder. He had twinges at his side as well, likely where Oscar had dug those sharp claws in during the frenzy of their mating. “Oscar.”
    Oscar slowly pulled his fist free and shook his head. His eyes glistened and Josiah would have given anything to stop the tears from gathering and spilling down Oscar’s cheeks.
    “Look what I’ve done.”
    Josiah didn’t think Oscar necessarily meant the hole in the wall, which Josiah didn’t give a shit about anyway. It wasn’t like he’d never done the same thing himself. “It’s nothing, Oz. Just a hole to patch, like several I’ve done myself.”
    Oscar huffed and swiped at his cheek. He took a couple of raspy breaths and closed his eyes, his head tipped down as if he were

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