Lawman's Pleasure (sWet)

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Book: Lawman's Pleasure (sWet) by Marteeka Karland Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marteeka Karland
Tags: Erótica
figure out why that was a bad thing. The way her tongue darted out to lick at her bottom lip had him groaning. He was going to Hell.

    Megan had lusted after Obadiah Matlock for so many years, there was no way she was letting this opportunity pass her by. She hopped in her car, flashing Obadiah a seductive smile and sped off. Even if he'd thought about backing out, the way she peeled out would have appealed to the lawman in him. He'd have to follow her now, if for no other reason than to write that ticket he'd threatened her with. But once she had him in her house, he was hers. If the bulge in his pants was any indication, he wouldn't fight too hard. Which was a shame because Megan would have loved to wrestle him for it.
    She grinned at the thought. Obadiah Matlock trying to fight off her smaller form while not hurting her. Yeah. She could take him.
      A quick look in her rearview mirror told her he was, indeed, following her. Less than a minute later, she pulled into her drive, Obadiah right behind her.
    "You're living dangerously, aren't you, Megan? If you're not careful, you're liable to get punished."
    "Just making sure you didn't get cold feet." She shot him a challenging look over her shoulder as she unlocked the door.
    He followed her inside, keeping a respectable distance between them despite the breach in protocol on his part. Megan knew Obadiah was too straight-laced to do something like this. Her only conclusion was that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.
    Once the door was shut and locked and Megan had Obadiah right where she wanted him, she advanced on him. It was comical to see the big man back away from her as if she were a threat.
    "What's the matter? Scared of little ole me?"
    "I don't think this is proper..."
    "Of course it's not proper. Does that mean you're not going to do it?" She quirked an eyebrow, still moving toward him. He stopped when he reached the wall of her living room. Smiling, Megan slid her fingers up the front of his chest again, fingering the buttons, itching to undo them and see that powerful body of his.
    "Do you have any idea what you're doing?" Damned if his husky whisper didn't send an electric thrill straight to her cunt. Megan wanted to jump him right there. Wrap her legs around him and just take him.
    "Well, I've had practice. I certainly hope I have it figured out by now."
    With that, Obadiah pulled Megan to him, whirling her around so she slammed into the wall with almost jarring force. "Don't taunt me, woman," he growled. "I'm not in the mood. You're already in enough trouble."
    And just like that, Obadiah Matlock was the Alpha male everyone knew him to be. Yes, Obadiah was not one to be fucked with. Though Megan totally intended to fuck him. Just not in the same way. She smiled at her own naughty thoughts.
    "Well, I guess you'll just have to spank me then."

    Spank her? Was she fucking kidding? Obadiah had had all he could take. He prided himself on his control, but honestly, how much was a man supposed to endure before he took the carrot a woman dangled in front of him? His lips found hers in a brutal kiss. One meant to punish more than seduce. He was way past the seducing part. Following her home had been the worst mistake he'd ever made. In the privacy of her house, the intimacy it afforded, there was no way he could keep his hands off her. Hell, he didn't even want to try.
    Fortunately, Megan seemed to have the same problem. She fumbled with the buttons of his shirt before simply yanking it open. Buttons flew in all directions as she pulled his undershirt from his pants and up his torso. Her hands slid underneath the shirt easily, sliding up his body only to rake down his pecs in a sensual abrasion.
    Obadiah lifted his head and bared his teeth. There was no way he was getting out of this with his virtue intact. Like he fucking cared! He'd wanted Megan since puberty. He might not be able to keep her, but he was damned sure taking what

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