Latched (Coronado Series Book 1)

Latched (Coronado Series Book 1) by Lea Hart

Book: Latched (Coronado Series Book 1) by Lea Hart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lea Hart
up for. We’d better just keep doing it until we’ve caught up. I think that’s the best plan. You’re the accountant - you can figure it out and let me know how we can catch up for the year.”
    She hugged him and laughed, “If we tried to do that we would wear out body parts. But it might be fun to try.”  
    “Birdie that is the can-do spirit I like to see in a person. I’m sure we can work something out.” He pulled her out of the laundry room, “Do you want me to drive you to the shop this morning?”  
    “I usually walk, but a ride would be great.” She gathered her purse and bag and they headed out to Mark’s truck. “When we get to the shop, you can park in back next to my delivery car.”
    “I noticed your vintage Wagoneer last week. That’s a very cool car. Was it your Grandmother’s?” He pulled out, turned around and headed to the shop.  
    “It was. Grams kept it in good shape and it has really low mileage. I had it checked out when I moved down, and the only thing I have to do is see if I can have airbags added.”
    “You can’t drive it if it doesn’t have airbags.” He looked over, “I’ll have them put in for you.”  
    She was looking out the window and waved to one of her neighbors, “I only drive around the island. If I have to go off, I take my Volvo. Don’t worry, I’m very safe.”
    “I don’t like it. Let me have it next week and I will take it in. I don’t want something happening to you.”  
    She had her head down and was looking in her bag, “I’m fully capable of taking care of it.”  
    “I know, but it would make me feel better if I could do this for you. Have you found a place to have it done?”
    “That is part of my problem. Everyone I’ve called so far can’t seem to figure out which ones to order and how to install them. I just have to sit down and do the research.”  
    “I can ask Blake or Shane, they’re both gearheads. So they can probably figure it out.”  
    “Thank you. That would be great.”  
    He leaned over and kissed her, “My pleasure. I want to be able to do this for you. Don’t drive it until we figure it out.”
    Birdie shrugged her shoulders, “OK, I guess.”


    He pulled into the back parking lot and went around and helped her out. He looked around, “So this whole building is yours? It looks like you recently updated it. I don’t remember it being this nice.”
    They started walking around to the front of the building, “When I moved down here, I had the plumbing and electrical checked. Then six months ago I had the exterior painted and put up the awnings across the front. I still have the upstairs to work on, but I’m in no rush. My grandmother left me the building and the flower shop and her house. I’m her only grandchild and my mom wanted me to have it.” They stood in front of her store, “Come inside and take a look at my shop. I don’t think you’ve ever been here before.”  
    He followed her in, looked around and was surprised how nice it was. The place felt very open and modern - it definitely seemed liked Birdie. “This place is great, you did an amazing job. You must be proud of it.”  
    “I like how it turned out.” She led him into the back and showed him her office and the cooler and the big tables where she made the arrangements. “This is where I create the magic.”  
    Mark lifted her onto one of the tables and stepped between her knees. He slipped his hand up her shirt and caressed her nipple through her bra. “I like your shop. Have you ever made out here before?” Birdie was unable to form any words, so she just shook her head and tried to get up. Mark kept a hold of her, “I’m not done yet, let’s make some magic together.” He dropped his mouth to hers and began learning what made Birdie happy.
    She held on to him and could feel how much he desired her. It was so different from any experience she’d ever had. Somehow she had ended up with men who were ambivalent

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