Land of the Dead (Book 1): Infected

Land of the Dead (Book 1): Infected by Cian Campbell

Book: Land of the Dead (Book 1): Infected by Cian Campbell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cian Campbell
Tags: Zombies
and his group. The Egyptian soldiers manning the checkpoint had been smart enough to send a soldier down the small hill to the group, so as not to have to shout. But what Dillon really found funny was that the Egyptian soldier, in addition to telling him to stop, had asked him if he was a ghoul.
    “Basha, Ana last ghawl . Ana ln 'atahaddath maeak 'iidha kunet. Ana min alssifarat al'amrikia . Daeuna fi , eam bik yutawaqqae minna.” was Dillon’s response. (I am not a ghoul, I would not be talking to you if I was. I am from the American Embassy. Let us in, your general is expecting us.)
    Dillon knew that playing the rude, impatient American was the way to impress upon these soldiers just how important he was. In Egypt, the most powerful of people had no respect or kindness for those under them.
    “I don’t believe you. Why should we let you in. You may be carrying the disease.”
    “We aren’t carrying the disease. We are carrying the cure. We have some for the general and his staff, but I think we have some extra for you. We don’t have time to waste. Let us through and we will give you some.”
    “I think you are in no position to bargain, my western friend. Give us the cure or we will shoot.”
    “I don’t think you want to shoot, my friend. The machineguns are very loud, and the noise would attract the ghouls. You can see with your own eyes what happened at Cairo International. Besides, firing those machineguns at us would destroy the cure.”
    The soldier looked pissed that he had been unable to pressure Dillon. Dillon had seen this act in a half-dozen countries, and it was always the same. Posturing and bullying would only stop if you stood your ground on the important things.
    Finally, the soldier made an angry clicking noise with his mouth and trudged up the hill to talk to his people in whispered tones. As he did, Dillon took aim on the gunner hanging out of the turret on the right vehicle.
    “Talbot, aim down on the left gunner. I think we just bargained our way inside in trade for giving these guys the cure. Just in case, though, be ready.”
    After a minute or so, the soldier walked back down the hill, hands in his pockets.
    “I am Rashid.” He said in fairly decent English. “We want the medicine.”
    “We will pass first, then give it to you.”
    “Okay. Good deal.”
    Dillon took the opportunity to do a head count as everyone passed between the two armored vehicles. So far, he hadn’t lost anyone. Then, he looked at Doc and said, “Give it to them.”
    Doc spent five minutes giving each of them a shot. Dillon noticed that Doc used the same needle each time. As they walked away and towards the main gate of Cairo West Airbase, Dillon turned to Doc and asked “What was that about?”
    “I only have thirty doses of the vaccine, and they are going to be the most valuable things we have when we get to our evacuation point. Besides, these soldiers out here aren’t going to make it.”
    “They’re a speed bump.” Dillon said, agreeing.
    “Exactly. So, I gave them all saline. Are you ready to go?”
    “Wow, Doc. Just….wow.”
    “I know. I even surprised myself with this.”
    “Right. Let’s go.”
    The airbase was a quiet hum. A captain controlling the main gate decided to let them in after a bit of negotiation, but acted like it was killing him to do so. It looked like there was most of a mechanized infantry brigade on the perimeter, but things inside were chaotic enough that nobody stopped them as they headed towards the northwest hangar complex. That was where the U.S. contractors worked, and where the Osprey’s would be coming in. As they moved through the airbase, the number of civilians sheltering within was alarming. The infection surely had to already be inside the perimeter. Dillon told everyone to be on their guard and moved as fast as he could until he saw the first Americans standing behind two hastily constructed rows of chain link fence.
    “Hey, you must be Mr. Shay.” said

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