Knight and Sleigh: An Erotic Lucien Knight Christmas Novella

Knight and Sleigh: An Erotic Lucien Knight Christmas Novella by Kitty French

Book: Knight and Sleigh: An Erotic Lucien Knight Christmas Novella by Kitty French Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kitty French
pretty busy with his own work. If I’m happy, I’m sure he’ll be happy.”
    “And are you happy, Sophie?”
    She wasn’t sure what he meant by the question, and it unnerved her. Were her marital problems written all over her face? Or was he simply asking if his abrasive, unique interview style bothered her? Either way, there was only one possible acceptable reply.
    “Yes, I think I am.”
    Lucien nodded and drummed his fingers on the desk.
    “Good.” His smile didn’t quite touch his eyes. “Thanks for coming in, Sophie. I’ll be in touch.” He pushed his chair backwards.
    Sophie stared at him, surprised. That was it? He’d finished?
    She got the distinct feeling that he’d decided she was a bad bet, and because it was unlikely she would ever see him again, she threw caution to the wind.
    “You’ve decided I’m unsuitable.”
    He leaned back in his chair with a frank expression on his face. “I don’t think this job is for you.” He shrugged. “You’re too vanilla.”
    “Vanilla?” She couldn’t keep the note of frustration from her voice. “What does that even mean?”
    He shook his head with a small laugh. “Exactly.” He leaned forward and sighed. “Look, Sophie. You seem like a nice girl. But I don’t need a nice girl for this job. I need someone free of inhibitions. Someone who knows their dildos from their anal beads. Someone who won’t stumble like a schoolgirl if they need to say a rude word.”
    Sophie squared her shoulders. “You underestimate me, Lucien. I could do this job. I’m damn good, and I’m a fast learner.” She held his blue gaze and willed him to believe her. It had suddenly become crucial to her that he didn’t write her off as a prude, because it endorsed all of her negative feelings about her relationship with Dan. Was she really the little mouse they both seemed to take her for?
    “Okay.” Lucien folded his arms across his chest, and Sophie’s eyes were drawn to the way his shirt defined his biceps.
    “Say clitoris, Sophie.”
    Sophie’s mouth fell open in shock. Hearing Lucien Knight unexpectedly say the word clitoris made the bottom drop out of her stomach. No way was she going to say it back just to amuse him.
    “Well, that’s certainly a question that didn’t feature on any of the job websites I studied,” she quipped to cover her embarrassment.
     “You’re right.” He nodded in acceptance and worked the knot on his tie open. Was he hot? She was definitely feeling the heat in here. He tapped his pen on the desk. “Fair enough, don’t say clitoris.” She sighed with relief.  “Say masturbation instead.”
    Sophie couldn’t take anymore. Lucien Knight was too much. Too sexual, too arrogant, too male. Even though he was fully clothed, sex oozed from every pore of the man in a way Sophie had never encountered before. He made her think of Viking warriors, and right now she felt like a damsel in serious distress. Lucien Knight was right. She wasn’t equipped for the candid conversations he required. She couldn’t be as brazen as he needed her to be. She got to her feet.
    “You know what, Mr. Knight? You’re probably right. I’m not cut out for this.” She swung her bag over her shoulder and ignored the spark of amusement in his eyes. “I’m sorry to have wasted your time.”
    Lucien got to his feet too and crossed to open the door. “On the contrary, Sophie. It’s been my pleasure.”
    He’d placed himself between Sophie and the exit, leaving her no choice but to brush close to him as she left. He was a good head and shoulders taller than she was even in her high heels, and she caught the scent of him as she drew level. Delicious. He smelled of warm spice and citrus, and something else. Something dark and sexy, so uniquely Lucien Knight that it kicked her senses into overdrive. She wanted to leave, and yet at the same time she wanted him to say something to stop her.
    She turned to him, and found him leaning on the doorjamb with a lazy

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