INTRUSION (Whitney Holmes Series)

INTRUSION (Whitney Holmes Series) by Elaine Babich

Book: INTRUSION (Whitney Holmes Series) by Elaine Babich Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elaine Babich
blood pressure was up.  I felt bad because I knew why his blood pressure had gone so high, he was furious at the guy who hit him.
    We left after giving him kisses and telling him to call us when it was time for us to pick him up to go home tomorrow from the hospital. We went to lunch at Sizzler, I wasn’t too hungry because I just had breakfast, so I only had the salad bar, My mom and I talked about small stuff and then I asked her the question that had been in the back of my mind.
    “ Do you think he is going to hurt me, like he did to Dad?” I asked.
    “ Oh, honey, I sure hope not,” my mom said honestly.
    I gave her a brave smile, but I was sad and afraid.
    “We are doing everything we can to protect you,” she said.
    “ I know. I just get so scared sometimes,” I said.
    “ This guy will be caught soon and then we can all go back to our normal lives,” she said.
    “ I want things to be normal now ,” I said.
    “ They will be. Honey, it might get a little scary before it is normal so you have to be prepared for it. I think maybe we will put you in a karate class or some kind of self-protection class. You might need to know a few moves to get yourself out of trouble,” my mom said.
    “ I don’t know if they do karate any more, Mom, I think it is called Tae Kwon Do or something like that,” I said.
    “ Then, that is what you will join,” my mom said.
    “ Can the boys join, too?” I asked.
    “ We will see if there is a family plan or something like that. Maybe I will join, too. I know your father would love to also, if his arm and leg weren’t broken,” my mom said.
    I couldn’t wait until Jordan and Jacob came home. I was excited to tell them the news about starting martial arts training.  I went with my mom to pick them up because It was too scary to stay alone in the house. Wherever Mom went, I wanted to be with her.
    When the boys got in the car, they were talking ninety miles an hour about school. I listened for a while and then I interrupted them and told them the plan about the family learning Tae Kwon Do. They were very excited to hear it, Jordan said he knew some kids at school who went to a Tae Kwon Do school and they had earned blue belts already. It might be fun to earn different-colored belts.
    We stopped at Burger King for Slurpees and then we went home, there was a package on the doorstep and I got a stomach ache just looking at it. “Don’t touch it, Mom!”
    “I am going to look at it, briefly, and then I am going to call the police. We are not going to open this,” she said.
    The boys asked what it was.
    “We don’t know yet,” I said.
    She tentatively went over to the package and looked at the front from a small distance away.
    “There is nothing written on the package. It wasn’t delivered by the postal service or any package delivery service. I am calling the police. Everyone stay in the car,” my mom yelled.
    She came over to the car and got her cell phone out of her purse. She dialed 911 and briefly told the dispatcher the problem. I guess the dispatcher said she would send someone out because my mom thanked her.
    We waited in the car until we heard sirens. My mom told us to stay in the car again and she got out to meet the police officers. She talked to them for about a minute then they went over to the package and looked at it. One officer said they were going to pick it up and listen to it.
    He picked it up and listened to the package and he said he didn’t hear anything, so he was going to open it.
    Jordan said, “They should call the bomb squad.”
    I was even more scared. I was afraid it was a bomb, too, but the police would hear something ticking, right? Or would they use a digital timer, like in the movies where the LED counted down?
    The policeman carefully took out a Swiss Army knife and cut open the package. It looked like a doll was in it. He opened the package that held the doll and said they were going to take it downtown and I wondered why. They

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