Intensity by C.C. Koen

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Authors: C.C. Koen
Tags: Intensity
on the bar.
    Linc stood and palmed my neck, dragging my mouth to his for a sultry kiss. His temple on mine, he whispered against my parted lips, “See you after work. My place, okay?”
    I nodded, my mouth scraping his in a dazed reply. He strutted across the room, greeting the eager clients. In the background I heard Fallon and Sal whoop with laughter and slap the bar, amused at their boss’s blatant show. Lost in ecstasy my heart and body floated, reaching across the divide between Linc and me.
    Fingers crossed, I prayed they didn’t crash and burn.

    Halfway through the night, the stock behind the bar dwindled. I took off for the storage room located in the notorious alcove. The difference, lights were installed and there wasn’t a shadow in sight. I guessed Linc had something to do with that.
    Wandering around for the bottles, I heard the door open and shut. Damn, this couldn’t be happening again. I rounded the stacked full shelves and came to a halt at the entrance.
    Jax was propped against the door with his arms crossed at his chest, a tattoo peeking out at the edge of his short sleeve T-shirt, and wearing black jeans that fit him way too well. Cool and composed, he lifted his chin at me, inspecting my body like a doctor who needed to perform surgery but didn’t know where to start. If he didn’t have such light blond hair, I would’ve pegged him for James Dean with that blatant, macho stance. This day just went in the shitter. “What are you doing in here?”
    He sauntered over and stood so close, I could feel him. “I wanted to give you a hand.”
    Yeah, I bet he did. He had that look—sex on the brain.
    “I can handle it, thanks.” I took one step back and another while he stalked along, not missing a beat. I threw my hand out to his chest, halting his forward motion. “You should go. I’ve got this.”
    He picked up several strands of my hair and brought it to his nose. Before I could move away, he grabbed my upper arms and yanked me into his chest. “I want you.” His lips grazed mine. About to tell him where he could go, the door crashed open, and there stood Linc with the most ferocious face I’d ever seen.
    Damn, this alcove must be jinxed. Caught in a very compromising position I tried to step back, but Jax pulled me tighter to him, threw an arm over my shoulder and aligned me to his side like he wanted to showcase me to the world.
    Oh hell!
    “Linc, I need on the schedule for tonight,” Jax said with a serious face, and my body stiffened at the implication.
    He hadn’t moved an inch, but his face went from ferocious to volcanic. “No.”
    Final answer. You’d think that would be enough, but no such luck.
    “What the hell?” Jax spit out.
    Linc marched forward and tossed Jax’s hand from me, pulling me along with him. He looked back and barked, “She’s off limits,” and shoved me out the door.
    I glanced back. Jax followed, but not too close. Linc pushed me forward the entire time. “Get back to work, Serena.”
    I stopped and glared at him. He looked pissed, no doubt about it, but I hadn’t done a damn thing wrong. I was doing my “work” when I got interrupted. His knuckles ground into my lower back, urging me forward.
    Great, just freaking great. “I’m going …” I said snidely, just as pissed, pointing behind us, inches from his nose. “You’re gonna have to go back there and get what we need. We’re low on vodka and whiskey.” There, take that.
    We stood there for endless minutes. When an intense man like Linc stared, it felt like an eternity. He leaned over, pushing his mouth so hard against my ear, his teeth scraped it as he demanded, loud enough to be heard over the music. “Final warning. Stay-away-from-Jax.”
    I did the same, but shriller than him. “My pleasure!”I stormed off and got my ass back to work—boss’s orders.

    Linc nowhere to be found when I finished work, I crashed in my apartment. Sometime in the middle of the night I felt a strong

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