Inherited War 1: Retribution

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Book: Inherited War 1: Retribution by Eric McMeins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Eric McMeins
if I’m able.  But first I want to tell you the time is coming when you will have to make a decision on how you want to begin the rest of your life.  It starts when you board the first ship we left for you and your people, our children.  I know I am just a memory encoded into your DNA but the programmers did too good of a job and I feel like, I don’t know not alive but somehow here.  I am not sure if this has ever been done before but I think the coding may have mutated to give me more than just access to the Pure Humans knowledge stored in your brain.  I have watched you from the moment I was activated and have feared for you, worried for you and laughed at your small triumphs over our enemies.  I am here for you Cole and will help anyway I can.”
    Cole sat still and closed his eyes. “Could you, um I don’t know, maybe manifest a body or something for me to look at when I talk to you?  If you can I mean.”  Cole looked up and opened his eyes to look around.  Standing just in front of the forward main screen was a man Cole had never seen before but recognized instantly.  He was as tall as Cole’s six three.  But wiry to Coles solid frame.  He had a full head of grayish white hair and had angular features.  “Is that what you really looked like all those years ago?’  He asked.
    “I think so at least this was the form that came to me when I thought about manifesting myself.  Is it okay?”  He asked.
    “You’re some kind of ancestor of mine?  Right?”  Cole asked.
    “Well an ancestral memory of someone who is so far back in your past there isn’t a word for it other than maybe your ultimate ancestor.  Is it that important to you?”
    “I just never knew my parents or anyone of blood relation so it’s kinda like you are my only family and you ’re sharing my body and brain so, yeah, it helps to think of you as my infinite great grandpa or something.”  He paused for a moment before continuing.  “So what, if anything, do you know and can tell me of what’s coming up?”
    “I cannot predict the future , unfortunately, but what I can tell you is that you are entering a very dangerous area of space.  I, along with the other leaders who survived the initial purge, set this area up as a staging, and dry dock facility for you to use.  We gave it the best defenses we could and keyed their shutdowns to your DNA which is unique in the galaxy.”  He continued.  “If nothing, else you must remember when you wake from this that when you reach the outer perimeter, before the defenses engage your ship, you must broadcast a message containing every line of your current DNA.  Then wait for the response.  It will most likely come in the form of a small scout ship that will do a complete scan of the entire ship.  At which point it should recognize you and allow you to pass.  This part is also vital for you to remember.  You must convince the Admiral to go to the smaller commando ship first and avoid the larger cruisers and destroyers.  Their defenses are only able to be shut down from the commando ship.  The difference between the ships is obvious.  The Commando ship is much smaller than the others and it should power itself over to intercept your ship.  By taking control of the commando ship you can power down the rest of the ships or have them destroy this inferior ship.  It will of course, be up to you.”
    “What of the AI that I spoke with earlier, can it be trusted?”   Asked Cole. “And can it do all those things it said, to help me?”
    “Yes to both.”  Replied the ancestor.  “The AI’s were especially designed to inhabit those ships.  So we are very lucky indeed to have one on board this ship.  The AI will guide you in the real world as my counterpart.  And once we board our ship and you connect to it, I may be able to interact directly with the AI and help it tell you more about our history and purpose here in the galaxy.  That is my hope any way.”
    Cole got

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