Inherited War 1: Retribution

Inherited War 1: Retribution by Eric McMeins

Book: Inherited War 1: Retribution by Eric McMeins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Eric McMeins
improvement from about ten minutes ago.  I am very sorry for what I said.  I need you up and dealing with what happened. I know it sucks and we can wish it never happened, but it did and we can’t change that.  I‘m not saying ignore it or it wasn’t that bad, but you can’t collapse in on yourself.  We need each other fully functioning to get out of this.  You wouldn’t talk to me or respond in any way, so I did what I am obviously good at, get you mad enough to forget for a moment.  So I am sorry from the bottom of my heart but you were slipping away from me and it was a last ditch effort.”  He took a slow breath and wrapped his arms around her and held on tight while she cried some more.  She let out a big sigh after a few moments and with Cole’s help, got to her feet.  “If you hate me for what I said I understand and I will leave you alone from now on, if you want me to.”
    She shook her head in the negative.  “ Cole, once again I thank you for saving me.  You were right, I was slipping away from both of us.  I can’t…can’t talk about it yet. All I could see was his face and what he did to me.  I wanted to run as far and fast as I could.  But there was nowhere to go, so I went inside myself. You brought me back.  Is there anything to eat?”  She asked.
    “Yea I saved your food for you as best I could.”  Responded Cole.  “Here you go.  Enjoy.” He said with a grin.  “Nothing much has changed lately, so I have no clue what’s going on, but we’ve got to be pretty close to the end game.  So rest up and regain your strength.  Remember I care about you so if you need anything at all just ask, okay.”  He sat down and leaned back against the bulkhead.  “Besides it’s not like you have anyone else to talk to in here.”

    She snorted some of her dinner out of her nose at that.  “You truly are a bastard aren’t you Cole?”
    “You know it and so will the Admiral soon enough.”  They both slipped into a sullen silence and waited.  That seemed like the only thing he ever did lately, was wait.  Well, Cole was a patient boy and he was an expert at hurry up and wait.  He didn’t have long though, because in the next few hours things were about to get hectic and Cole would be smack dab in the middle of it.  That is where he liked to be these days, where the action was.

    Cole was alone and walking the halls of the ship he was prisoner on.  The edges had kind of a hazy quality and nothing would really come into focus for him.  He had just lain down to take a nap it seemed when he was suddenly up and on the outside of the cell door.  So he figured he would go for a walk.  It was nice to get out and walk he thought.  Unfortunately none of the doors were opening for him in the hallway and the hall seemed longer than it normally was.  It was at this point Cole thought that something was a little off.  He just didn’t care though, it was nice to be out.  As he walked down the sterile hallway he came to a door that slide open.  It slid into the floor, the opposite of what they normally did.  Again he really didn’t mind.  The doors could go wherever they wanted.  He stepped through the open door and onto the bridge of the starship. 
    It was quieter than the last time he was here but it was also empty of anyone.  The consoles all seemed to be turned off and the lights up high , almost too bright.  He shrugged and headed for the Command chair.  He sat and reclined in a good imitation of Captain Kirk.  He swiveled back and forth for a few moments enjoying the feel of the very comfortable seat.  He was about to get up and head back to his cell when a voice he recognized sounded from behind him.
    “Hello Cole I am sorry it has been a while since I last talked to you.”  It was the voice from the dream he ’d had while undergoing the last procedure.  “We should have a little more time together now and I will answer some questions

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