In Too Deep (Grayton Series Book 4)

In Too Deep (Grayton Series Book 4) by Jill Sanders Page A

Book: In Too Deep (Grayton Series Book 4) by Jill Sanders Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jill Sanders
“He’s stationed at Port St. Joe air base. One weekend, Liam and his new wife, Barb—you went to school with her—”
    “Barb Kensington?”
    He nodded and smiled.
    “Anyway, they wanted to get away for the weekend and decided a short trip to Dog Island would be just the thing.”
    She closed her eyes and sighed, knowing the rest.
    “He called me immediately, since he knew I’d had a PI looking for you for years.”
    She gasped and looked at him. “You have not.”
    He nodded, his eyes turning even darker. “Did you think we—that I—wouldn’t look for you?”
    She felt his warmth pulling her closer. “I…” She shook her head.
    His hand came up to brush a strand of her hair away from her face. “I’ll always look for you,” he said softly. “I’ll always find you,” he whispered just before his lips rested over hers.

Chapter Eleven
    R oman wanted to go slow. After last night, he’d made sure to come prepared and planned on spending time enjoying himself while he made sure she enjoyed herself just as much.
    Even as his lips traveled over hers, he could feel himself wanting to take what he wanted. He’d come onto the porch instead of going back to her bedroom to try to slow himself down.
    The sound of the rain grew softer as his hands roamed over her body. He’d noticed slight changes in her since they’d been kids but had marveled at every curve, every dip she now carried as a woman.
    “Missy,” he spoke against her lips. “You’re making it very hard for me to go slow.
    She giggled against his neck. “Then don’t.” Her hands gripped his shoulders, pulling him closer. Her breath was hot on his skin, turning him on even more. Finally, after she started tugging on his shirt, he stood up, lifting her easily into his arms, and marched them through the house quietly.
    When he kicked her door shut behind them, he felt a wave of desire hit him full force. She was looking up at him with her caramel eyes full of lust. Several steps later, he was following her down to the bed where their mouths slanted over one another’s again. This time, when clothing hit the floor, he made sure to pull out the packages of condoms he’d stored in his back pocket.
    Missy smiled when she saw that he’d brought more than one. “You came prepared.” He nodded, since his throat had gone dry just looking at her.
    “I did, too.” She reached over and opened her top drawer to her nightstand. “We sell them at the store.” She nodded to the box of condoms sitting inside.
    He smiled. “I know, where do you think I got these. You’ll have some explaining to do to Jenny tomorrow.”
    She giggled. “Explaining?” She smiled. “More like bragging.”
    He laughed as he pulled her back underneath him. “Then I suppose I’d better make this good.”
    She moaned when his lips covered hers. Her fingers dug into his skin as he trailed his mouth lower to cover her breasts one at a time.
    “Roman, I need…” She pulled his hair until he was back at her lips. “Now.” He watched her bite her bottom lip.
    “You have me so hot.” He almost growled it. “I can’t decide what’s what.” He slipped on a condom and settled in between her thighs. “Look at me.” He waited until her eyes locked with his before plunging into her.
    When she threw her head back and moaned, he almost lost control. She was tight and wet and he realized he should have taken it slower. But as her legs wrapped around his hips, he was powerless to her silent demands.
    Their lips locked and their tongues dueled as his hips pumped quickly. His fists dug into the sheets as he tried to maintain some hold on his control. Then she ran her tongue over his neck and nipped at the spot just below his ear and he went blind with lust.
    Missy held on and enjoyed the ride until she felt his control slip, then she couldn’t maintain a hold on her own control. Her thighs tightened around him as he continued to

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