Immortal Beauty

Immortal Beauty by Thomas McDermott

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Authors: Thomas McDermott
makes things more personal in this digital world.” She made a grand gesture all around her. Sasha thought that she could have easily been a dancer with those long legs and arms of hers. Celine’s voice was soft and nurturing as if she were talking to a precious child. It was almost hypnotizing and Sasha sank down into the very comfortable black leather chair and tried to compose herself. So, maybe this was just routine and she had gotten herself all worked up over nothing. She just wished she could shake the feeling of animosity she felt towards the woman behind the desk. Was it professional jealousy? Here was a woman who had made a tremendous success of her life and Sasha’s similar journey was just beginning; she had so much to accomplish even though she was only twenty four. All she knew that for some irrational reason she hated Celine. Was she being catty? It was so unlike her and at this point she couldn’t tell what was going on with her bizarre emotional response to the boss lady. For now she focused her sharp mind and tried with every fiber of her being to be as nice and composed as possible.
    “I love working for your company Miss D’Aumont.” She made herself stop talking as soon as the sentence was out. Celine leaned forward at her desk and quickly glanced at some papers which Sasha assumed were all about her.
    “It shows. Your performance is exemplary. In the four short months you have been working for us you have accomplished a great deal.” She handed Sasha a glass of crystal clear liquid. “ I want you to know that all of your work has not gone unnoticed. That is also why I wanted to meet with you today. I would like to offer you a raise and a bonus. I want you to know I realize what a valuable commodity you are to my company and I am not about to lose you to the competition.” She drank heartily from her own glass. “Paris may seem big but the beauty business is a very small incestuous and vicious circle. You’ll learn that soon enough. There is something very ugly about the beauty business today and I would like to change that..” She placed her empty glass on the desk and handed Sasha a piece of paper. Sasha tried not to shake as she took the paper from Celine to look down and see the staggering figures. Her salary was basically doubled and the bonus amount would buy a very lovely car. “I’ve had the bonus deposited into your account and the raise is effective immediately which you will see on your next paycheck. All the details are in this paper here.” She slid another piece of paper across the desk. Celine’s voice dropped suddenly to a husky whisper. “Hard work is rewarded here at Celgen. It was hard work that got me where I am today. But you know all about hard work don’t you Sasha?” Her tone sounded slightly menacing and Sasha had the sensation that she was just a mouse that some cat had cornered in the kitchen, content to play with it for hours before the kill. The words were sincere but something emanating from Celine was not. Sasha knew when people were being dishonest. It was something she was born with and she knew that Celine D’Aumont was not being truthful with her. Who knows, maybe she needed so many foreigners in her company for a tax break. She was thrilled with the money for Paris was as expensive as it was beautiful and this would help her out immensely. She hadn’t expected this kind of money for at least a few years when she would prove herself to the world. Her marketing skills were unparalleled but they were yet to be seen by most of the world. How could Celine be so sure of her ability? Perhaps that was something she was born with, the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. She quickly reminded herself not to look a gift horse in the mouth and take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Celine would probably want to draw up an inclusive non-compete document to make sure she would get her money’s worth. She reached for the glass of water and suddenly

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