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Authors: Barbara McMahon
send her through the wall. The long, hard length of his thighs imprisoned her legs, and as hot need for him inflamed her, she felt his desire for her rise, press against her.
    Unable to stop herself any longer, her arms rose to encircle his neck, to respond to his kiss, to mold her body to his as he kissed her.
    Slowly they swayed as the tempo of their heartbeats increased in unison, as the heat rose and passion and desire swamped them.
    Now she knew why she hadn't wanted him to leave, why she'd issued her threat. She’d do almost anything to have him stay.
    Kyle pulled his mouth away to seek the soft pulse at the base of her throat, to trail hot kisses along the satiny skin of her neck and shoulder. His hot lips were raining light caresses across her cheeks, her eyes, her forehead, and back to claim the sweet delight of her mouth.
    'I want you so damn much, Jenny. Sleep with me tonight,' he said in a throaty voice against her mouth. His breathing was heavy, hot against her fevered skin.
    Jenny drew back in shocked surprise, speechless for a moment.
    'I can't,' she whispered back, closing her eyes against the desire flooding through her, the longing for fulfillment of the proof of his desire.
    'Why not?' Sweet, hot kisses punctuated his speech. 'We're of age....I won't hurt're not a virgin. There's no one to get hurt.'
    Only me, she protested, easing herself back a little, regret evident in her eyes as she opened them and looked at him. She shook her head gently.
    'I... no, I won't, Kyle.'
    'Come on, Jenny. Why not? Surely that kiss shows you desire me. It could be so good!'
    'Let me go! Just five minutes ago you were telling me you're leaving, and now you want me to sleep with you? What for, so you have something to remember me by?' She dragged up what strength she could muster and pushed against him. It was like pushing against a mountain. 'Let me go!'
    'No.' He tightened his grip. 'I want you, and you want me, or else you're the best little actress I've ever come across. So what game are you playing now?'
    She frowned at his remark. She did want him, and if there had been anything more to it than lust, she wouldn't wait another second. She would love to he in a soft bed with him, have his lips learn her while she learned him, to share love with this hard man. But he spoke no word of love. Just want, desire.
    'No game, Kyle, let me go. Let me go!'
    She began to struggle, pushing against him, balling her hand into a fist and lashing out, frantic to get free, connecting with his shoulder. He dropped her and staggered back against the wall, his face suddenly ashen.
    'Oh, Kyle, I'm so sorry. Your shoulder—I forgot. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm so sorry!' Contrite, Jenny reached out to hold his arm. He had seemed so much back to normal, so alive and well, that she had forgotten he really wasn't.
    'I'm sorry.' She wouldn't have hurt him for anything, she had only wanted to be released.
    'At least you've made your point,' he said shakily. Giving a deep sigh, he opened his eyes, looking down at her. 'You pack quite a wallop. Consider joining up, if you get tired of living up here.' He stood and walked slowly down the hall.
    Jenny watched him go, torn with conflict. She wished she had grasped what he had offered; one night of glorious love might be worth all the heartache when he left. Would she regret turning him down?
    No, she couldn’t. It wasn’t right.
    Right be damned! She thought, going back to the kitchen to do the dishes. She felt as if she had just made a momentous decision–the wrong one.
    Jenny was still suffering from vain regrets when she awoke the next morning. She had tossed and turned during the long night, wishing things had been different. Wishing she had responded differently. Slowly the thought came to her: if she was offered the chance again, she wouldn't turn it down. Could she get Kyle to stay? Could she have him make the offer again?
    If he really wanted her. She would find a way. She'd

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