Ignite (Circle of Light Book 2)

Ignite (Circle of Light Book 2) by April Margeson

Book: Ignite (Circle of Light Book 2) by April Margeson Read Free Book Online
Authors: April Margeson
guest presented me with the perfect opportunity to let Eric know about what Silas had told me.  He wasn’t pleased to find out that the Gin had made his way here so soon and worst of all, today.
    He agreed that Silas was right about not acting like we knew what he was if we crossed his path.  It would be safer that way.  That was because the Gin was not able to distinguish the difference between humans and supernatural beings immediately on sight.  Only when the supernatural acted a certain way, was the Gin able to tell.  Mainly power being used against him or the other person running from him was the indicator. Because the Gin would look just like any other ordinary person.  With no reason to be ran from.
    “He can’t harm us or anyone on these grounds right now.”  Eric said smiling.  The witch’s spell was meant to affect anyone wanting to disrupt the wedding.  I was glad of that. 
    The time came for us to cut the cake.  I was nervous about it because I did not want Eric to rub it all in my face like I had heard everyone else talk about.  That just didn’t make any sense to me at all.  Why would someone want to smash cake in people’s face on their wedding day?
    Eric placed his hand over mine and pushed the knife through the layer of cake.  He helped me cut it in half.  Each of us had a piece and I fed mine to him first, hoping that he would see that I wasn’t up for cleaning cake off my face.
    I gently put the cake in his mouth and smiled. 
    “I love you.”
    Eric returned the favor by keeping my face as clean as possible.
    The reception went by quickly and all the guests had begun to line up on the sidewalk outside the church.  Anxiously awaiting us to come out.  Mom had mentioned that she wasn’t going to use bird feed for the guests to throw at us.  She had purchased the small bottles of bubbles for everyone instead.
    I wasn’t so sure that was a good idea.  I mean, birds need to eat and bubbles get your skin all sticky and slimy.
    We made our way to the doors and opened them only to be blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the enormous curtain of bubbles flying through the air.  As we went down the steps, the bubbles popped on us, leaving a slimy coating on our skin.  I cringed at the thought of another one bursting on me, making me pick up the pace to the car.
    We were almost at the end of the sidewalk when the bubbles cleared and I managed to look at the car for the first time.  It wasn’t one of the cars that I had expected to be leaving in.  It didn’t belong to either of our parents and it was certainly not my Explorer.
    The car was bright red.  It seemed to be new, but I was not sure of that until Eric opened the door for me to get in.  The new car smell was overpowering and I could not even find a single speck of dirt on the carpet or any other part of the interior.  I was amazed.  The car was profoundly beautiful.
    When Eric got in and closed the door, shielding us from the new blanket of bubbles, I asked, “Whose car is this?”   He smiled and handed me a card that had been laying on the dash.  I opened it to see my father s handwriting.  Eric, A little something for you.  Congratulations.  Jim.
    I was speechless.  My father had bought Eric a brand new Lexus as a wedding gift.  That had to be the most outrageous gift that I had ever heard of anyone getting on his or her wedding day.  I was proud, even though I thought it was a bit much.  My father thought of Eric as a son and was doing for him what he would do for the son he never had. 
    My father’s actions had created an empty feeling in my chest for him.  I wasn’t even out of sight and I was homesick already.  And I miss my father so much right now.
    Eric started the car and we waved goodbye to everyone.  I watched as my father mouthed a simple I love you to me from the road.  It saddened me, but it was the most heartfelt I love you that I had ever experienced.
    I rode in silence all the way to

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