I Wish You Were Mine (Oxford #2)
them. No way they
    Mollie dropped her head into her hands. “What if they did? You should have seen his face, Kim. It’s like he thought I betrayed him.”
    “Well, you sort of did,” Kim said, softening her voice. “He probably thought if he could keep pretending to be Prince Perfect in anyone’s eyes, it would be yours.”
    Mollie took a sip of water.
    “Mollie.” Kim’s voice was appalled. “You don’t actually believe him?”
    Yes, I do.
“Can we change the subject?”
    “Sure,” Kim said reluctantly. “But only because I’m confident you’ll come to your senses once you have time to think things over. I mean, there were
women, Mollie, and—”
    “Right. Okay. Subject change. So, um, I’m thinking of going on another date with Harry.”
    “The bartender?” Mollie asked, trying to keep up with Kim’s ever-changing cast of flings.
    “Yup. I like his raven tattoo.”
a good reason to go on a date.”
    “Right? Plus he’s got big hands, soooo…”
    Mollie’s phone buzzed, and she dug it out of her lab coat pocket.
    Both she and Kim glanced down at the caller ID. Mollie groaned at the same time Kim gave a weary sigh.
    It was Madison.
    “I should take this,” Mollie said reluctantly.
    Kim shook her head as she stood. “Someday I’m going to get you out of her clutches.”
    “They’re not clutches. She’s my—”
    “Big sister. I know. I’ve got one too, and guess what?
isn’t a viper.”
    Mollie ignored this. “Come over tonight, and we can pour wine and talk all about new guy and his creepy tattoo.”
    “Can’t,” Kim said regretfully. “I’m seeing that yoga guy with the snake tattoo. But if you don’t have plans tonight, how about you ‘accidentally’ walk in on your new roomie in the shower? I need that picture for my…needs.”
    “Gross. Don’t be that girl,” Mollie said, shooing her friend away as she swiped her thumb across the screen to take her sister’s call. “Hey, Mad.”
    “What the
Mollie? I’ve been trying to get hold of you for, like, three days. Are you in?”
    “Am I
? You’re making it sound like this is a bank heist.”
    Madison huffed. “You know what I mean. Are you all moved in and settled?”
    Mollie fiddled with the pocket of her lab coat. “Yeah.”
    “What’s it like?”
    “What’s what like?”
    “His place. I want to know everything.”
    “Um, it’s…” Mollie leaned back on the bench and glanced at her watch. Her lunch hour was almost over. “It’s a penthouse on Park Avenue. So it’s nice.”
    “It’s ‘nice’? Come on, how about some details?”
    “I’m not going to spy on him, Mad.”
    “Is he seeing anyone?”
    Mollie’s temper spiked. She didn’t know if it was Kim’s constant reminders that Madison was no longer sister of the year or knowing that her sister had lied about Jackson’s affairs, but Mollie’s Madison tolerance was way down today.
    “Do you realize you only ever call to talk about you?” Mollie snapped.
    Madison was quiet for a long moment. At last she answered, “That’s not true.”
    Mollie said nothing.
    “I’m sorry,” her sister said finally, her voice small. “How are things with you? How’s work?”
    “Really good, actually. My boss has been dropping hints about a promotion.”
    “That’s great!”
    Mollie smiled a little sadly at the forced enthusiasm in her sister’s voice. Madison was happy for her—Mollie knew that. It was just that her sister didn’t
her. Any more than Mollie
Madison and her decision to do things like
and Botox at age thirty.
    There was a moment of awkward silence, and Mollie waited for her sister to rummage up some token question about Mollie’s job. When she didn’t, Mollie let the silence stretch on and on until she couldn’t take it anymore.
    “Jackson says that he never cheated on you.”
    There was a moment of stunned quiet before Madison let out a choked

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