Hyde by Tara Brown

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Authors: Tara Brown
further need
for the car. Park it for the night I should think, if you
    She frowned at him, "I'm not sleeping here with
    He laughed, "I never said we would sleep." He
opened the door for her grinning. She never would have entered the
house had she not had the burning desire to see inside. She'd loved
watching International House Hunters on HGTV with Rebecca and knew
she would be betraying that memory if she didn’t at least have a
    The inside proved to be more incredible than the
outside. She was floored seeing the tapestries and old world charm
in the every corner, somehow matched perfectly with modern and
stylish décor. The rooms were huge, she felt silly being the only
person in them as she walked through. She felt his eyes on her as
she looked around at each fragile carving or exquisite painting. He
had a whole room dedicated to etchings.
    ""How long have you been collecting art?" She
whispered, somehow knowing he would hear her from across the
    "Too long to recall. Shall we?" He asked,
pointing to a room through a huge hallway.
    She nodded following behind him, noticing
everything. She drank in the vivid colors of the abstract art and
the smooth seamless finish of the marble carvings.
    The floors gleamed, making her wonder if a maid
would follow him around wiping up after he walked through a room.
Nothing seemed out of place or lived in.
    "Your house is so sterile. If feels like a
museum." She spoke not thinking about how harsh it sounded.
    He laughed, "Would you rather I had children
running about with a little wife tucked away some where here?"
    She laughed not responding.
    He walked to a huge dark grey metal door with
machines on either side of it. He looked into one machine as if it
read his eyes and put his hand up against the other. She could see
the scan reading his handprint. She raised her eyebrow at it, "Is
this the bat cave?"
    He stood up as the huge door slid into the wall
with a loud groan, "It is. I will have to erase your memory before
we leave."
    She smiled not certain if he was telling the
truth or joking. His humor still seemed to be too old for her to
catch up to. She hoped he was joking and left it at that.
The lab was too stunning for her to recall anything else. The white
room was huge with microscopes and glass walls with metal behind
them. The huge metal door slid back into its place but she ignored
it seeing only the most spectacular thing she'd ever seen.
    "God, I wish I cared about science. This is
    She looked back at him but he ignored her and
walked to the huge metal counter in front of them with the glass
slabs and three microscopes.
    "I will need that piece of paper your father
gave you." He spoke softly.
    She spun watching his face, "What piece of
    His jaw clenched, "The one you carry in your
cleavage at all times." He looked up from the chart he held. His
dark blue eyes hardened, "Lets agree not to lie to one
    She nodded, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to nod
but his look terrified her. Okay and maybe aroused her. Something
about being afraid of him made her think about the car ride make
out session they'd had.
    He smiled bringing her back to reality, "Right
well then, the paper." He put a hand out.
    She put a hand into her bra and pulled the paper
out. It felt almost like cloth having spent so much time in there.
She grimaced handing it to him. He brought it to his nose and
smiled, "Smells like you."
    "Oh, god, don’t do that."
    He laughed seeing the desperate discomfort on
her face.
    He laid the crumpled paper out and pondered over
    She stood watching him, wondering what help she
could possibly be.
    She looked around for a chair but saw nothing
beyond the three stools at a huge counter behind him. She walked
around him and the large counter. She tried to pick up the stool
but it seemed to weigh a ton. She dragged it, making a nasty squeal
fill the open space.
    He turned back giving her a disgusted look, "Do
you need some

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