Hush by Amarinda Jones

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Authors: Amarinda Jones
    Eliza couldn’t move. Her arms were stretched above her head, ropes around each wrist. She pulled hard on the ties that bound her. They were firm and her wrists burned with pain. She looked at the man whose eyes were on her pussy. It was bare. He had ordered her to shave the dark brown curls off. And she had obeyed. That had been so unlike her. But then, she wasn’t the same person since meeting him. Lust had a way of changing mind sets.
    He didn’t touch her yet his gaze was hot on the tender pink flesh of her cunt. She wanted to close her legs and deny him the access to look and touch. But she couldn’t. Her legs were splayed out by ropes around each bent knee which pulled her limbs apart, hiding nothing.
    “I don’t want this.” They both knew her words were false.
    “Hush.” The tips of his fingers caressed her leg.
    “It hurts.” But it was a good hurt. A pain that made her feel more alive than ever.
    “No it doesn’t.” He sounded confident of that fact.
    How is it possible he knows me so well? “But —”
    “This is wrong.” A normal woman wouldn’t allow this treatment. But then, I’m not normal.
    “Is it, baby? This is what you said you wanted.”
    “Yes but—”
    “You asked me, a complete stranger, to tie you up and fuck you.”
    Eliza’s face burned with the heat of those words. “I was—”
    What? Horny? Drunk? Mad?
    “You were desperate for a man’s dick inside you.”
    Bingo . “A gentleman wouldn’t put it that way.”
    “I’m not a gentleman and neither are my friends.”

    “That’s right, baby. You want to be fucked? I want to make sure you remember this moment forever.”
    “I thought—” Actually I hadn’t been thinking at all .
    He laughed. “That’s your problem, baby. You think too much. We’re going to change that.” He climbed onto the bed between her legs. His hand was so close to the hot, wet core of her. Unconsciously she lifted her pelvis up for his touch. He laughed. “Oh I will fuck you but not just yet. Boys, come on in and meet our playmate.”
    Boys? Eliza’s eyes cut to the door as it opened. Three men walked in. “Um—”
    “You said you wanted it hot and hard.”
    “Yes but—”

Chapter One
Hours earlier

    “Fuck! I am so boring.” Eliza McQuade blew out a deep breath as she turned her rental car into the driveway of the Sea Shanty Inn Roadhouse. She had been driving from the airport for an hour on what to her, as an Australian, seemed like the wrong side of the road. As she drove Eliza contemplated her conservative frump existence. She had been in the same job for what seemed to her like a thousand years but in reality was only ten. Eliza felt old and yet she wasn’t. She was thirty-two and tired of the life she had been living. Or, in her case, not living. There was no fun or excitement. It was dull and dreary and consisted of dragging herself to work each day, doing a job she hated. That wasn’t living. She was slowly dying inch by inch. Realistically, Eliza knew hundreds of people were caught in the same rat trap existence.
    “But I can’t live their life. I can only live mine and I want more.”
    So, when her next vacation was due, instead of staying home and renovating her house as she normally did, Eliza chose the United States of America as a travel destination. She wanted to be somewhere different from her Australian home in Brisbane.
    Eliza also had the great need to go somewhere where nobody knew her. She wanted to shake up her life, and if she failed in breaking the conservative capsule she was encased in, then at least no one she knew would know it. Her basic plan was to live loud and wild and do things she had only ever speculated on before.
    Like sex. She wanted more and different from the careful vanilla sex of Damien, her on and off boyfriend of the last year.
    Damien had been agog when she had announced she was going on holiday alone to the US. His main concern was

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