Hunting Angel 2

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Authors: J. L. Weil
    As soon as the bell rang, I was the first out of my seat and through the door. I was surprised I’d made it so far. By the end of the day, I was split in half. There was no denying that a huge part of me wanted to tell him to stick his explanation where the sun don’t shine. Another part of me, a slim part of me, wanted to hear him worm out of this without my hand connecting to his cheek.
    When I pulled into my driveway, his car was already parked sleekly in his. What the hell ? How had he beaten me home? Well, it was now or never. It turned out, my feet made the decision for me.
    I marched across his yard, each stomp getting heavier and heavier until I reached the steps of his white porch. I put a hand on the banister. No way was I meeting him anywhere. I was going to tell him off, lose his number, and forget he was alive. That was the plan.
    The plan was blown to shit.
    The door opened before I had a chance to knock. I stood on the porch seething with pent up rage. Before I even registered what I was doing, my hand was sailing through the air straight for Chase’s perfect cheekbone. Unfortunately my hand never made the connection. And it burned my blood. It was the least he had deserved after the way he had made me feel.
    His hand wrapped around my wrist, and his thumb rubbed over my pulsing vein. “You are a naughty girl.”
    I let a strangled cry right before I launched myself at him. Nothing beat a woman scorned. My fist beat against his chest wildly with unrestrained vigor and was anything but effective to my utter frustration. I wanted to hurt him as much as he had hurt me. But it was like hitting a solid wall, and I only ended up bruising my hands in addition to my already bruised heart.
    To say I went ballistic was an understatement.
    His arms engulfed me, holding me until the fight was drained out of me. My breathing was coming in quick pants having exerted so much energy. I expected him to laugh at me or tease me, anything but the harsh regret I heard in his voice.
    “Angel, it’s not what you think,” he whispered in my ear.
    I went limp in his arms, my heart squeezing. “I’m not an idiot Chase.”
    “I never said you were, but you are acting like a fool.” That was it. I clamped my teeth on his arm and bit down. His arm released me on a curse like hot coal. “Dammit Angel.” Firmly he spun me around to face him. “What can I say to you that will make you believe that there is nothing between Sierra and I? There never was and there never will be. Not now.” There was desperation in his tone that I never thought possible.
    I narrowed my eyes. “Why? Because of this stupid mark?” I snorted. “Please, don’t let it stand in the way.”
    He groaned, running a frustrated hand through his midnight hair. “Ugh, Angel you are such an impossible brat.”
    “Me!” I shrieked. He had some nerve. His hand reached out to me again. “Touch me, and I will make mincemeat out of you,” I threatened through my clenched teeth. My jaw was starting to throb, along with my head.
    Travis snickered from inside the house. I hadn’t even noticed him or that we had an audience. My rage had disbursed all my focus on Chase. Nothing new, he always consumed me in one way or another.
    Chase scowled, his whiskey rimmed eyes never leaving mine. “Travis, don’t you have some brain cells to kill?”
    I saw Travis lean over the back of the couch. “Are you kidding? And miss Angel tear you to shreds? This is way more entertaining.”
    “Fine,” said Chase, a vein at his temple pulsing. “We’re leaving.”
    “I am not going anywhere with you,” I announced prepared to hug one of the porch columns if necessary.
    His eyes flashed as he engulfed the doorway. “You can walk out of here on your own, or I can help you. And trust me, I would enjoy it.”
    “Why should I got anywhere with you, you two-timing low-life,” I snapped.
    “So I can show you what I’ve been doing…and it hasn’t been Sierra.”

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