Hungry Woman in Paris

Hungry Woman in Paris by Josefina López

Book: Hungry Woman in Paris by Josefina López Read Free Book Online
Authors: Josefina López
Tags: FIC000000
walked away to another part of the pub, hoping he would follow like a little puppy. He did. We went to
     the end of the bar and I asked for a margarita; dumb place to ask for a margarita, but the little scenario about to unfold
     required tequila.
    As the night went on, all the students in my group slowly said their good-byes. Around closing time Henry and I were some
     of the last people there. I debated whether I should take him home or go home with him. We walked out of the pub and he kissed
     me under the same streetlight where the other couple had kissed. I kissed him back and we smelled like drunks.
    The taxi dropped us off at Henry’s building on rue du Seine, a street full of galleries. Since there was no elevator, Henry
     helped me up the stairs by carrying my breasts. We kissed on the staircase and disrobed each other. He was so white he glowed
     in the dark. I followed this ghost of a man and pretended he was whipped cream when I buried my face in his hairless chest.
    “You are so… so…” I was about to say “white” when he interrupted me.
    “Don’t believe all the rumors about me… Okay, they’re all true, but you haven’t heard my side of the story.” I didn’t
     know how to respond to that, but I followed him into his tiny apartment. I could smell all the women who had been there before
     me, but I got closer to his mouth and his beer breath silenced all my inquiries about him. I told myself, don’t try to psychoanalyze
     them, just fuck them.
    We gave each other sloppy kisses until he pushed me onto his bed and I felt the toughness of his hard mattress.
    “Oh, I love your round face. You’ve got amazing luscious lips.” He showered me with compliments like only a drunk, horny man
    He licked my nipples and I began to giggle. Never giggle when a man is making love to you, I told myself. It really makes
     them self-conscious. He was too drunk to care about my giggling. He giggled with me and we went under the covers. I wanted
     him to turn on the heater, but I figured things would be getting hot enough soon. I took his penis in my mouth. My fingers
     smelled like onions and garlic. That smell was so hard to get rid of with just soap and water. I held my breath and took him
     in all the way. My coordination was off and I took him in too far. So far I had to gag.
    I ran from the bed and vomited into his kitchen sink. I was sure he’d be so disgusted by this, he would not want to continue.
    “Hurry back, love!” he shouted.
    I rinsed out my mouth with tap water. It tasted dirty, so I opened his refrigerator and looked for bottled water. Searching
     for a napkin, I opened all his drawers. In one drawer there were many small silver cans with no labels. I finally found a
     roll of paper towels on the floor.
    I drank from the water bottle and brought it back with me to the bed. I continued with the fellatio and he purred when my
     cold mouth touched his penis. He begged me to do it again. I drank more cold water each time I licked him and he would let
     out a moan. I drank some more water and I spat the water at his chest. He moaned harder. I finally just threw the whole bottle
     of water on him. He grabbed me and poured the remaining water on me. It was so cold it instantly made my nipples and clitoris
     hard. We wrestled for the bottle and flapped like fish out of water on the wet bed. We continued wrestling and fell off the
     bed. He kissed me, but my buzz was wearing off and his breath was stinky. I slipped away from him and ran to the refrigerator
     to get ice. I put an ice cube in my mouth and we kissed. He grabbed some ice and slid it down my body to my vaginal lips.
     I moaned. He put an ice cube inside me and I yelled and moaned. He licked the ice wedged in my vagina. I melted and came all
     over his face. He pushed me onto the bed again and shoved the tiny melting ice inside my vagina with his penis. Each time
     he humped me I could feel the ice getting smaller and smaller, until

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