Hungry Earth (Elemental Book 2)

Hungry Earth (Elemental Book 2) by Rain Oxford

Book: Hungry Earth (Elemental Book 2) by Rain Oxford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rain Oxford
    “If you can affect moods, can you help Henry?” Darwin
asked Amelia. Addie sat up in Henry’s bed, hopeful but unwilling to beg.
    Amelia looked pained and blushed. “I’m trying not to
use my magic for a while. Things didn’t go very well last time.”
    I fully expected Darwin to push, as he always did,
but instead he just patted her knee in sympathy and returned to reading his
manga to her while she thought up clubs.
    *          *          *
    Friday and the weekend were more of the same; fights
between vampires and the other students, fights between Addison and Henry, and
sappy mush between Darwin and Amelia. Amelia and Darwin were together every
minute and he acted so goofy around her that I usually had to leave the room.
    On Tuesday, Professor Langril was still missing, but
Dr. Martin was his sub. Everyone sat down immediately and waited without a word
to see what the doctor would do. It was actually funny, since class was always
set off with some explosions and usually screaming from Mack.
    The entire class, with the exception of Mack, loved
Becky’s scorpion. The scorpion apparently loved Mack and was often seen chasing
the guy around the room.
    Dr. Martin stood in the front of the room and fidgeted,
shifting from foot to foot. He didn’t look like he had ever dealt with students
before. “Okay, what does Keigan normally have you do?”
    “Make potions,” Becky answered helpfully.
    “He said we could make a poison today,” Tali lied.
    Jessica nodded. “He also said we could try it out on
    We ended up making a sleeping potion. Although Dr.
Martin was extremely good at making such concoctions, he was not the best
teacher because he expected us to already be advanced. I felt like I was a high
school chemistry student in a graduate chemistry class, which was not a
phenomenon I was familiar with or happy about.
    Either way, we did end up learning a lot.
    On Wednesday afternoon, I was heading to lunch when I
ran into Erik and Clara in the hall. Erik was frantic about something and
furiously working the gray substance, which I had learned was a kneaded eraser.
    “Whatever it is, the headmaster will do something,”
Clara told him.
    “He didn’t last time. Now people are dying!”
    “What’s going on?” I asked when they noticed me.
    “It attacked us!” Erik exclaimed, startling three
other students that were passing by at that moment.
    I could understand their flinches since the vampires
shouldn’t have been out yet. The hallways had no windows, but the exterior door
was only ten feet away and there were windows in other halls.
    “We were looking for Hunt’s office, but we kept
getting turned around and ending up back here,” Clara explained calmly. Erik
nodded furiously as nervous energy built up inside him.
    “Alright, you two need to get into a closet or
something and I will take care of this,” I said without thinking. It wasn’t as
strange as I would have thought that my first instinct was to get them
somewhere safe. I noticed the two brown blankets on the ground at their feet, which
they must have used to make it as far as they did.
    “It’s down there killing people!” Erik said. There
was a panic in his eyes that was more human than anything I had seen since
joining the paranormal community.
    “I know, but it won’t help to get everyone out if
they all burn up in the sunlight.” As I spoke, I reached out for Darwin’s mind. “Hey, do you know where Zhang Wei is?”
    “Yeah. What’s wrong?”
    “Something is going down in the underground level
and I might need his tracking senses.”
    “On it.”
    I led Clara and Erik to the closest closet and then
made my way to the door that entered into the underground, where Henry was
waiting. “I thought Darwin was sending Zhang Wei.”
    “Jackson antagonized Li Na and she bit him. Zhang Wei
is dealing with it. I should at least be of some help to you.”
    I nodded and opened the door. The

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